MIKE DIANA / BOILED ANGEL / Taint in Boiled Angel Ate#

Started by Ashley Choke, December 23, 2009, 02:37:12 PM

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Ashley Choke

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Just read an old copy of Mike Diana's Boiled Angel Ate# yesterday. And to my surprise Taint contributes with some visual material, It's about incest and looks very abusive and the Contact address says Waco, Texas so I'm thinking is must be Keith. How old was he at this point, mag came out in 91 so he must have been barely a teenager at this point!!


I have "The Worst Of Boiled Angel" book and there's three pages of Taint's contributions, taken from #s 3, 6 and 7 if I understood correctly. Whores, abuse, Green River killer, negro with a swastika on his forehead... Good stuff.

Boiled Angel / Mike Diana would deserve a topic of its own on the art section.


I remember when we waited whole fucking day in comic festival about arrival of Mike Diana... who never came. Fucker just stayed somewhere in copenhagen or paris or where-ever last seen. Of course, at that point, when his visit was scheduled to Finland, whole story about his works was old news so to say.

I have pretty extensive collection of Mike Diana works.
All original Boiled Angel zines, some alternative versions
Lots of mini zines of his, that came before/after/around same time
Several of those hand numbered silkscreened/litho's whatever of his artworks. Some very nice. Usually c. #25 copies editions
Mock copy of Worst of Boiled Angel
Actual print copy of the same
Signed copy
Signed magazines what came after the BA. Like Superfly #1-2,
signed prints
signed original court sentence of possessing marihuana (hah! )
Original "Affliction" VHS with Mike Diana crucifix in ass, puking on bible and various other "performances"
etc etc etc...

Some years ago, someone, perhaps Mike Hunting related person was auctioning big box of Mike Diana related stuff on ebay. My main intention was just to score like 20 copies of Worst of Boiled Angel and 30 copies of Superly#1, but package was huge, and included just shitloads of above mentioned private stuff. Lots of magazines featuring his interviews, lots of private alternative versions of stuff. Promo shit, original art, lots of extra covers. Like boiled angel covers on color cardboard, but not the actual content. I was surpriced I won it, and how little it cost. Just selling the regular bulk stuff (may still have some) made situation that all this rare stuff came basically for free. I rarely buy anything on e-bay, but I'm happy I actually did buy this one.

And yeah, some Taint artwork is featured there. I recall mentioning Keith that even Worst of... book had something, and I recall he said he didn't know about it and that the stuff he sent wasn't meant to be published in first place.
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I know nothing about the book. Some of the early collages were done basically to write letters on the back of. I don't remember doing them specifically for Boiled Angel but who knows?


have you guys watched "baked baby jesus" ? what are your thoughts on that one ?


I remember he advertised videos, but never got any. I see dvd set was ltd 100 released by himself. Probably gone by now?
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i think i saw it at a Mike Diana exhibition a while back, i think it was that one. something with cruzifixes and puke, very funny.


yes, i believe it was a self-released DVD-R edition of 100 copies. I got mine when mike diana came to an exhibition of his work and other portuguese underground comic artists / zines here in lisboa last year. it´s probably something only for mike diana enthusiasts. as it gathers short home videos, some are better and more worthwhile to watch than others, but as a whole I believe it´s something of interest for anyone who follows his work.