AFFLICTION (1996) Full Force Frank, Mike Diana, Annie Sprinkle, GG Allin...

Started by Neons Fanzine, October 13, 2018, 02:50:05 AM

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Neons Fanzine

AFFLICTION (1996) by Mark Hejnar
Download link:

This 45 minute documentary by Mark Hejnar is a sort of Whitman's Sampler of sickness, chronicling such wildly diverse and extreme personalities as G.G. ALLIN, MIK DIANA, FULL FORCE FRANK, GLOD, ANNIE SPRINKLE, and others. This collection of short clips and vile moments is certainly NOT for the squeamish, as these are the artists and performers who have taken the term "free expression" to it's limits--and beyond.
I've decided to upload it since it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to find and that it has never been reissued on DVD, or any other format. Hope you'll enjoy it! If the right owner wants me to remove it I will in the second.

I can upload a lot of documentaries or movies if some are interested. I don't know the policies of this forum? Just tell me or remove the post it you will

I think this docu is really sought after and could interest a lot of people


Thanks Raph. I have a low quality VHS rip of this that I've never bothered to watch for that reason. The file size of this one is almost double, so hopefully the quality is too.
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If anyone is interested in owning an Affliction VHS released by Demon Dope I have one for sale. Pm if interested.


is anyone able to re-upload this, as the initial host now requires premium?

for the time being.. here is that really low-quality VHS rip mentioned above.!mMMEDSTb!yZULuUDL8LYd1RjIgJaV_nHUb6cVl2O8pDIrLYqTlUM
this is nearly 1/3 the file size of the other upload

Neons Fanzine

Now i have fast internet at home so it takes me 2mn to upload it, i didnt notice the file was heavh.
But the quality is okay yeah, pretty good for a vhs rip actually but I don't knkw i havent seen the low res you're mentioning

I will reupload it, i've put up other docus as well i'll post them if i dont forget


just watched this recently for this first time in a long time. definitely made me nostalgic for pre-internet art/expression and/or craziness.

followed it up by watching the Full Force Frank apartment tour video.

Coma Detox

I'm pretty sure Mike Diana is still selling these as DVD-R's the last time I checked.  Comes with cover art he drew.  Never got one from him because the price was a little on the high side for burnable media.  Not sure of the contact address but should be found on google easily.  Used to own this on VHS with Randall Phillip's Terror Tape.

Neons Fanzine

It's uploaded here :

Some other rare videos:


A documentary from 1994 on the pedophile organization NAMBLA

"The film is an exposé on the group's controversial beliefs and their clandestine lifestyle. Sideman's evenhanded approach provides the audience with an insight into the group members' psyches. It has drawn attention for its unique approach: letting its subjects, the NAMBLA members, incriminate themselves in a public forum. Since its release, the film has been screened for the FBI, university criminology departments and other law enforcement agencies.

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