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Quote from: Eigen Bast on January 07, 2022, 08:59:34 PM

that should take you to an archive, they're up on "google podcasts"

Thank you for linking. Firing up the Mk9 ep now!

I would like to catch up on current events in noise as well as the past few years, can you recommend any podcasts for that?


Unfortunately only for the Finns. Finnish language interview with KERÄNEN (Testicile Hazard, etc)
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Here's the upload of the last - and final - Total War (Dublin) internet broadcast. Features NON, Operation Cleansweep, Opulent Adversary, Graustich, Mass Marriage, Slave State, Sarin Snow, Will Over Matter, and many others.


I did a mix for a friend's radio show (link) recently. Archived here:

Track list:

01. Bren't Lewiis Ensemble - Clarence Bison Triggers Mullet Apocalypse [Krim Kram 2022]
02. Smegma - Front Row Llyod [Krim Kram 2022]
03. Dressing - Enduring Mercy / Warm Routine [Krim Kram 2022]
04. Rick Potts - Coyote Squash [Chocolate Monk 2012]
05. Robert Ashley - The Bar (excerpt) [Lovely Music 1980]
06. Duncan Harrison - Preamble to Nihil (excerpt) [self released 2017]
07. Ida K - Pterodactyl Graveyard (excerpt) [Chocolate Monk 2022]
08. Intersystems - Changing Colours (They Go For A Walk) [self released 1968]
09. Mass Marriage - Fawn Licks From Puddle [New Forces 2021]
10. Leah P - Grinds Of Gears [Oxen 2021]
11. Aaron Dilloway - Shatter All Organized Activities (Eat The Rich) (excerpt) [Hanson Records 2012]
12. Rudolf - "Animist Hum Papa" [Tochnit Aleph 2011]
13. Charmaine Lee - Monstas' Marriage [Erratum 2021]
14. Bryan Lewis Saunders - PCP Poetry [Erratum 2010]
15. GG Allin - Snakemans Dance [Beast 666 Tapes 1991]
16. Tomokawa Kazuki - 一切合財世も末だ [P.S.F. Records 1993]
17. Richard Youngs - Currency [Forced Exposure/No Fans 1993]

The mix was mark my new label (everyone's got a label these days, right?). The first three releases (Bren't Lewiis Ensemble, Smegma, Dressing CDs) should be ready next week. I'll post details to the New Releases section once they're ready to go. Website is here in the meantime:

P.S. the indexing on mixcloud was done by someone else and is a bit off.

Soloman Tump

My radio show continues apace, episode 13 just aired featuring Iron Fist Of The Sun, Knifedoutofexistence, Spiteful Womb, Plague Mother, BRB>Voicemail. Dirty Swords, Silent Remission, Chlorine & Posset, O Ratel Ratel and more.... I guess my presenting skills have slightly improved over the past year, but it's all about the dismal sounds isn't it.

I also did a guest mix for Dark Train WCR this week, which is on more of an electro/electronica/techno tip (but generally quirky/unconventional stuff).  I added field recording and noise layers to filth it up a bit.  Should be up on mixcloud soon.


For the Finnish listeners, Jukka Siikala interview podcast. 2,5 hours that has all things art, including noise/industrial, bizarre uproar, and whatever related discussion happening here:

People who don't understand it, can get some sort of visual look in form of slide-show (repeats multiple times during the interview).
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Again, for the Finns only...

Residual and Iäinen co-interview, split into two 40+ min episodes. Includes noise making, technology, tapes format, composition, cultural influences and discussion about meaning of the non-sound works. Such as the content of manifest with Residual tape and so on. Very good stuff. There is some talk of Finn noise scene of current times, bits about bandcamp digital scene, found tapes, found material, kind of leaps from one topic to another, but not really incoherent. There is good flow as it is edited with short clips of sound between the interview and both guys are articulate and well speaking.
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....and again! haha

Excellent interview, especially suitable for music nerds, who are hungry for all sorts of name dropping & trivia and overall enthusiasm about all sorts of underground music. The Day of The Antler, advertised as one of the best kept secrets of Finnish scene, and I guess it still is? To get the tapes, you need to find the artists. Debut full length CD was merely 100 copies (pro-pressed!) CD. Freak Animal still has handful of them. Kosmische synth soundscapes meet ruralist industrial tape-noise and even heavy power electronics. You get to hear some samples throughout the episodes, so can be worth to jump through the episodes even if you don't understand Finnish, so you get to hear some of the previews and decide if going to try track these things.

For Finns, there is lots of digest. Besides music trivia, you'll be hearing kind of personal stories, including history behind the name, but also there are kind of.. lets say philosophical or world-view based discussions. I do like the idea that good interviews of utterly obscure artits, they may be a bit "wasted" when doing it only in Finnish. Audience is relatively small compared to how much work and effort it takes. However, perhaps this long discussion they have about sacrifice, is one angle to approach. You got the limited time, possibility to do whatever, all things inspiring, all things selfish, perhaps even profitable and so on... but nevertheless, choose to sacrifice your time and energy into almost thankless project of cultivation of no-name sound artists for barely existing crowd. I salute that idea! Too bad this episode marks the hiatus of BHM podcast.

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QuoteCommunication Medium (W/ Max Julian Eastman)
Max Julian Eastman is a noise musician known for recording music under his own name and with projects like Greathumour and Tantric Death as well as the proprietor of what we consider to be one of the best American noise labels currently in existence. In contra to countless other labels that endlessly put out everything that comes out of "the scene", Max approaches Tribe Tapes with an aesthetic and conceptual theory. There is a general sense of discovery here, with reissues of artists that you certainly have never heard of, and a strong, unmistakable visual aesthetic. A welcome addition to the Counter-Agency of the Avant-Garde, indeed.

Max discusses the label, his label's reissuing of classics from the late Marco Corbelli's Slaughter Productions label, the avant-garde and post-punk beginning of industrial and noise music, Smell and Quim, Atrax Morgue, the Haters, and much much more.

80 minutes podcast, as described above. Casual discussion, nothing utterly deep or odd, but discussion does also go into territories that WCN or Noisextra doesn't really cover. We get to hear all sorts of things of making reissues, Slaughter prod, being fan of weird noise as opposed to flat out harshness.

One unusual thing is, that they give credit to old UK noise! Short clips between interview plays a bit of Smell & Quim and Astray Navigations.  Besides that, they also talk about it. Not in huge amount, but still name dropping Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers label, Ashtray Navigations, appreciation for Simon Morris, and so on.  Grunt used to play in UK a lot at some point. Of course in 2005'sh that 90's scene wasn't exactly same anymore, but still got to see a lot of that stuff plus many more. UK noise was kind of weird noise, and the ones who were creating just brutal harshness were rare. Romance one of those who stood out as more "typical" harsh noise, in middle of countless weird noise acts. Including the cross over into slapstick performance, projects that used guitars, perhaps drums, but were kind of noise, not rock. They do talk how it is surprising how little talk there is about UK noise these days. Although, I wonder if there really every was huge amount of talk about them?  Lots of tiny edition tapes. Lots of gigs with merely handful of people there.  Perhaps old (and new) UK noise topic could be topic of its own on this forum, if someone has things to say.

I have fond memories of hoarding stuff from defunct distros/collections of Harbinger, BWCD and more before discogs dominated  and price explosion happened. Nothing better than looking boxes and boxes of dead stock, and label boss thinking only Pain Jerk original tapes has value, and everything else is like.. 2-5GBP...     Or visiting Birthbiter "office" and finding out his old distro stock from 80's STILL had "Right To Kill" LP, unplayed. Obviously now higher price, though. Chop Shop steel plate 2x10", new and unopened. Can't expect such things happen anymore. Visited many time Cheeses International, that was really devoted dealer of noise. His catalogues would be rare treat to find now. Every item, personally described by the man himself. Never bulk sale speeches and selling points. Not sure of Millstone (swe) was influenced by this (or the same attitude that used to be there as opposed to using bulk sale speeches). Another possible topic - when did the "press release" replace personal approach in noise? Back in the day, even the biggest, Tesco, Artware, Anomolous etc, had all short personal comments in many releases on their catalogue.
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