Desolation/Ruins/Urban Decay

Started by Peterson, December 09, 2018, 11:18:06 PM

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While it's likely that everybody here has seen the photographs of Pripyat and other Exclusion Zone areas like Hashima Island etc., I'm interested in links to more photography and documentation of the reversal of urban sprawl, dying cities, abandoned facilities of any kind, and so on.

Found this little gem of a site/blog that sometimes captures places I've been before they started dying:

Please contribute!


I posted this link in a similar thread some years ago, I hope it still works and has the same photographs. Can't check it by myself at the moment.


I would imagine there are a lot of such photos on Instagram.

There's a show on the Science Channel, I think, called "Mysteries of the Abandoned" or something like that. It isn't necessarily city-related  but there are a lot of really cool structures featured worth checking out.

I have some photos of a decrepit house plus an ancient general store & church. I use to have photos of the local zoo after they moved everything- empty cages, etc. Also have photos of an old brick school that caught fire. They're not that great as I couldn't get very close & it was a very early digital camera.

F.N., have you visited any AZ ghost towns?


I was recently turned onto the whole existence of dilapidated soviet era bus stops in Kazakhstan which are amazing to look at and usually in the middle of fucking nowhere.  Easily googleable.

This website is really horribly put together but filled with interesting things about London:


I've only been to Tombstone and that was before I actually lived here, so around age 9 or 10 probably? I need to take a road trip to hit a few of 'em before getting the hell out of here. There's actually a pretty cool abandoned place still on the way between Cortez Junction and Phoenix that used to be a dog racing track, the sign now says "Dog Rack" and still hasn't been cleaned up, I think.

All links provided look like exactly what I've been looking for but limited time now - more browsing when free tomorrow.

Edit: also really happy to see that a lot of the links added aren't full of places ruined by stupid-looking graffiti art. Hate that shit.