Started by Andrew McIntosh, June 11, 2016, 03:25:23 AM

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Compilation of demo/rare/unreleased Reptile Womb material now available from me. Distros coming soon:


Track 11 from Haiduk - Diabolica [black/death]

Sea of Fire


Does anyone know of any US distros that carry the first two Sombres Forêts albums and Gris - Il était une forêt...? On Amazon, the Sombres Forêts albums are like 35 bucks each and don't really feel like paying an unjustifiable amount for them.


new Valhalla Bound for you to stomp around to:

Vinyl later on NWN



some brute pagan madness:

Heidentum - Rest In Battle

reissue of early demos comp

Urban Noise

Coldness and Irae new split. Both veteran names in the Portuguese BM scene.
New Approach Records


This caught my attention recently. Isengard rip off, really, but great and I can't think of anyone who has made anything like this since Isengard did it. So, if you miss that style, this is for you:


Kaevum - Kultur
Been listening to this for a while now. Definitely one of the finest release of this 2023. 37 mins of excellent songwriting, no fillers, and the vocals are a really nice touch, moving from exruciating screams to epic chanting.

Cranial Blast

Quote from: F_c_O on August 21, 2016, 11:49:53 PMSzron is fucking awesome. Nothing else needs to be said about them.

Also, finally got A Corpse, A Temple and Mysteries by Black Cilice on vinyl. Amazing stuff. One would hope that all bm would be of such high quality.

Certainly agree Szron delivers all of the time on all releases.

Black Cilice has an interesting sound too, loads of wailing vocals and also nails the aesthetics in the imagery well with that clandestine medieval type of satan glorification.

Also Bosnian bands Obskuritatem, Arjen and others from Black Plague Circle are doing black metal in similar sounds. The new Arjen album might be one of the best black metal releases from 2023. Parts of it remind of Deathspell Omega's SMRC album, in regards to the sounds of the guitar. It has that melodic, but yet sharp and cold atmosphere a bit.


why not spend some time watching a live show. my favourite is the second song

shirts available also, dm me .

I heard a song from an upcoming remix album, it was fine.
supposedly noise, ambient and even techno versions.


Been really liking the Black Edifice demo that was just released. Strong Xantotol/Obrok/"Passage To Arcturo" feeling.

Cranial Blast

Right now my go to for a black metal album lately has been that Flagellant demo CD compilation called A Gathering Of Unholy Relics. Released by Dark Adversary. I can't recommend this one enough and if anyone is looking for a copy, I've got a few left in my distro.