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Quote from: Zeno Marx on April 29, 2023, 07:20:43 PM

Glad for this reminder.  I'd forgotten about them, and they really hit the spot yesterday.

Glad to remind :)

Here's a preview track from the forthcoming album -




Couple fairly good Finnish grind bands from recent times!

Urban Disposal doesn't have physical release, at least not yet. Finn true-crime grind, low tuned, often slow and heavy parts variate with blast that is kind of one-foot traditional blast, no double foot action or gravity blast. This kind of natural pace of blasting feels faster to me than when drums are "too fast" and lose the feeling of going forward and feel more like just "floating" around music...

Talking of the same quality, Sonic Poison new album is kind of REPULSION esque metal, so would you rate it as dirty of death metal... or what? Well, people into old fashioned grind core could be into it! Vocal arrangement and certain mood also reeks that they must appreciate Terrorizer world downfall!
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