low-end crunch, bottom-heavy crackling

Started by Zeno Marx, July 04, 2018, 09:33:41 PM

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While the Roemer/Macro treatment has been mentioned already, I think the A.M.B./ABFALL - Kill Stimulant split cassette on MSNP needs to be mentioned here. I'm pretty sure that whatever Mr Toki/A.M.B. sent to Roemer, it didn't sound quite this crunchy. Actually it's crunchy to the point you think it might be falling apart all together. Like a very old and brittle bisquit. A thick dry heaving river of gravel and dust, with jagged metal spikes and feedback poking out of it. Later on there's some odd synth sounds taking the lead amidst the crackling and metal clatter, but it stays on the chosen path.  I love this side, even though the Macro treatment takes away some of its (original) personality. Not too many miles away from, say, DEAD BODY LOVE in his prime. The ABFALL side ain't bad either, though a bit more loose and easy on the choking, and more laidback. Almost harsh drone, if that's a term.


I love this sound. Some older Mania tapes has it.


Zbigniew Karkowski's Choice of Points for the Application of Force and his collaborative work with Damion Romero, 9 Before 9, have various, controlled low sounds: rumbling, grinding, crackles and wave-like sounds.

Side B of Mania's All Aftermath has extremely low and continually mutating sounds of synth, hard objects and processed vocals. Nothing else I've heard uses low sounds with such intensity and thoroughness.

Bleak Existence