NOVICHOK Distro items (cheap postage w/in Aus. & NZ)

Started by no_baizuo_allowed, October 08, 2021, 01:16:25 AM

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NOVICHOK have recently accumulated some extra stock from other international labels for distribution; will update this thread periodically as new items arrive.
All items are brand new unplayed stock from the labels.
*Good deals for customers located in Australia/New Zealand/nearby due to postage rates*
Write to novichoklabel [AT] gmail [DOT] com for order enquiries.

Recent arrivals just in:

Zyrtax - Black Roots (7", Ltd) - Māori ethnogenesis themed pulsating minimal industrial synth from NL. Passages on this short 7" EP are not unlike Etat Brut or some of the more machinistic industrial noise selections on the Enfant Terrible label.
Zyrtax - Black Roots / Soldiers Of The Moon (7" + CDr, Ltd) - Special edition version with CDr.
Astro & Sudden Infant - Berlin Problem Child (7", Ltd) - NOTE: version without cover, no William Klein photograph. Comes in a cardboard disco sleeve.
Various - A Memorial Compilation (2x7", Comp) - A meditative and diverse eulogium straddling ambient-noise territory across 4 sides with pieces from Blackhouse, Vidna Obmana, Membrum Debile Propaganda luminary Baraladen, and new age cosmonaut Mathias Grassow (?!). A great example of the cult German label MNDR's vision. Housed in a handmade yet sturdy oversized cardboard sleeve.
Nontopia / Blurdenprozess - Split (Cass) - Intriguing and raucous new statement from Melbourne's Nontopia & NY's Blørdenprozess. In memoriam 山口 二矢. Professionally duplicated cassette sealed in shrinkwrap.
Droll / Крот - Split (Cass, Ltd) - A distinctive and anomalous split release of drone and concrète recorded in Tbilisi & Jakarta. Miss this and remain forever unsatisfied trying to procure anything else of Крот's - usually issued on the elusive Live Adult Entertainment private label in Greece. Xeroxed artwork on light green paper with a dark green cassette housed in a super clear soft polybox.



R.D. Mayson - OB6 Miniatures 2XCDR
120 X 1min scores created on the OB-6 miniature by NY sound artist and producer Robert Mayson. For fans of cosmic music and library music

Freejack - Lost Tapes CDR
Liam Osborne (RIP) of projects Flesh World, Baader, Lucid Castration fleshing out some beautiful minimal techno/ house bangers. These tapes would've hidden into further obscurity. Limited CDR edition with potential for a wax reissue in the future.



CAVEMAN NOISE fanzine #5 from Hairy Palm Records in Auckland, NZ

Interviews with the following:

- Murder On Ponce
- Hardcore Victim
- Novichok
- Compound Bunker

+ Reviews, complaints, ramblings etc.



Imported via the great Mors Omnibvs, Mexico
-Alfarmania classic logo enamel metal pin, syringe and spoon with decaying skull
-Alfarmania/Proiekt Hat collab enamel metal pin, font style from the releases they did together



Available for sale or trade all of Ebola Disco's post-Novichok output:

K.K. NULL / EBOLA DISCO 7" sold out.
EBOLA DISCO / SCRUBBER 7" (lathe cut) sold out.
MASSEY FERGUSSON (Ebola Disco & Browning Mummery) "The Mechanical Testament" CD album. Brand new/sealed from Old Europa Cafe. sold out.
MASSEY FERGUSSON "A Testament To Mechanization" demo cassette
TOTENRUNE cassette on Pain Axis.
SA BRUXA "Ritual" CD on Dunkelheit Prod.

Shoot me a DM if interested.