Started by FreakAnimalFinland, January 02, 2023, 09:57:07 AM

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As usual, plans, ideas, promises.... and Delays!

Now it looks like #14 and 15 will be published at the same time. I do not want to make issues too huge, so they stay in the A4/40-52 page range, but probably both issues will be published either same time or couple months apart. Still waiting couple submissions and articles to be finished, but looks like there is material for two full issues.

SI has worked in series of 5 issues till now. #1-5 were A5/52 pages. #6-10 were B5/52-80 pages or so. #11-15 are A4/40-52 pages. But now that I'd get #14 and 15 done, would be good time to move back into smaller page size.
Now that #14 and 15 completes the A4 size zines, plan is to "reboot" SI. Go back to the size what was in early issues. Smaller size, but more frequent publishing. A5/52 or something around that. Perhaps it would be possible to get back to the old schedule of 3 issues a year.  If 14 and 15 comes now, I'm sure new smaller issue will be doable 1, if not 2 issues still within 2023. Lets see.
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Neons Fanzine

Around 50 pages in A5 is the perfect size in my opinion.
Especially if you are able to release several zines a year.
Keep it up Mikko!!