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Just started with book one of Crossed today, but not convinced at all. Will see, bought the two first books. On the other hand i was really stunned by Providence. Anyone know if the books are getting reissued? I borrowed the first book and managed to buy the second and third, but the first seems to be impossible to get without paying stupid prices.
Also reread the definitive From Hell, such a great book.

first issue o crossed was bad, but it improves. still have to understand if i like alan moore's part, it was very badly translated

Good to hear it improves. I usually like to try at least a few books before pulling the plug on a series. I guess translation of this can be tricky, it is very weird language through the book. This maybe also be a thing, when series/books do this "made up language/dialect" thing it is usually very annoying at first and take some time to get used to.

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I wasn't too taken by Crossed. Just seemed like carnage and rape for the sake of it.  Maybe I should have stuck with it but the story bored me after a while.

I enjoyed NAMELESS by Grant Morrison, pretty fucked up but just a 5 (6?) part short story and fairly grim with psychedelic visuals to go with it.

Nameless sounds quite cool, will check that out for sure! Will restart the Invisibles this summer, so will be good to follow up om Morrison.

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Just finished Bad Gateway by Simon Hanselmann. Funny/crude stories about drug abuse and related subject. Nice surprise. There are several earlier books about the same characters but you can read this as a stand alone book.


I'm a huge Hanselmann fan and was a little disappointed by Bad Gateway. His painting has developed incredibly since Megahex but the storytelling/narrative hasn't quite kept pace. He's said for years now that "Meg's Coven" is what he's working toward and I sense that his last couple books are setting it up. That said, I love his work and grab as many of the zines as I can. His museum show this summer near Seattle was incredible. 

impulse manslaughter

Will check out more of the earlier stuff for sure. Totally missed it..


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Right now I'm starting to read "My friend Dahmer" - a graphic novel by Derf Backderf

I find it quite interesting that there seems to exist quite a lot graphic novels about serial killers. I only know and read "Green River Killer" and "Haarman", and now this one, but I'm sure there's some more!?

It took me long time to find the missing PUNK ROCK AND TRAILER PARKS book by Derf! My friend Dahmer is very good. Perhaps Trashed is even better, but now after reading it once, I am convinced this is probably the best one! Needless to say, each book is good.

For long time, Punk Rock... - was out of print. At least over here. Now when I found it available as new, it is print-on-demand paperback. Not bad quality. Graphics are sharp and black is decent, very close to offset. In other words, the PDF's had been prepared in good quality. Yet paper is the basic thin stock, and the usual print-on-demand bar coders and unnecessary blank white pages in the end...  It is not idea as "piece of art", but certainly good enough to be comic book that I wanted to own and read physically!

QuotePunk Rock & Trailer Parks conjures up the oppressive insanity of growing up in a small town, the day-to-day weirdness of the trailer parks tucked away therein, the magic allure of sex and the necessary comforts of friendship, the mystical power of the counter-culture to turn outcasts into heroes and, most of all, the transcendent power of music, specifically the punk rock of the late 1970's which redefined, transported, and ultimately, perhaps, disappointed a generation.

There are bunch of other really good comic books I got lately, have to report later on...
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Need to track down that as well, european print on demand distro? The Dahmer netflix movie translated ok, but paperversion is still supreme. In regards to real serial killer comics, i find the Green river killer book to be really top notch in terms of storytelling, especially how it relates with the main investigator.
Somehow it is almost warm, an achievement when telling a story like this.


This had printed in USA texts. It is hard to say if publisher just used P-O-D company to make a small re-print or if that version is something you get while placing order via some of the big book dealers (amazon) and is being printed on demand.

Green River Killer was good.

It would be interesting to get story written from perspective of killer. Even if true mind of murderer could be mystery for artists, I'm sure there are plenty of people who naturally lean towards killer rather than victim or investigator. I don't know if there is really good graphic novel that would cover that. Get into state of mind of guy who talks with bath tube full of bodyparts, attempting to observe what he goes through during his life.
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I think the best "insider" voice of a killer i found in a comic book perhaps is the issue of Hellblazer called the Family man. It is not written solely from inside his head, but some parts is written that way.

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Just read Black Hole by Charles Burns. REALLY enjoyed every second of it. Definitely need to read everything this guys got going on. I picked up Last Look today.

Bought Trashed on suggestion from his thread. About halfway through, talk about great! I love going to the dump, everything about it is so cool. Seeing the stories plus the "history of garbage" is great. A+.


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Just read Black Hole by Charles Burns. REALLY enjoyed every second of it.

Got this shelves, but read it so long ago, barely remember anything, except like the style of drawing.

Some recent reading:

Beyond couple swedish translations published decade ago, probably pretty much unknown artists outside Finland ( I assume!) : Tiitu Takalo . Got her latest graphic novel recently, which is also published in English, so worth to mention.

I read the Finnish version.
I have followed Tiitu's work since very early days when it was editing 'zines. As contemporary feminist comic artists, with punk & underground background, there is very strong ideological drive in most of things she does, but instead of that being the reason to success, I think it is actual merits that count in her case. First of all, excellent skills in drawing, especially human figures and facial expressions. She is also good in telling stories. Ideological motivations are pretty much always there, but like this new book, writing goes from ice age geological transformations, to history, and finally to level of author's autobiographical work. Involving artists life, human relationships, etc. Everything is tied together in nice way and also drawing style varies depending on chapter, it's theme etc. So anyone into feminism, punk, squatting, working class struggle, ecologo, localism, collective living, etc will probably relate to book easily. My only doubts is how the store opens to foreigners who know zero things about Tampere as city and Finnish history or culture in general.
Artists website offers some galleries :

From completely different, I was amazed to see Shintaro Kago stuff has started to appear as English versions. DEMENTIA 21 by Fantagraphics and Super-Dimensional Love Gun by Denpa books. Latter one is better of these, but unfortunately neither of them are best of Kago's works! Of course one can't complain if you get at least some Kago in English, but comparing to many Japanese books I have from him, they have both vastly better illustrations and stories seem to be vastly more fierce. Grotesque, absurd, and often high level of scatology - something that almost defines Kago's career, and is pretty much absent in these translated works.
What's up western publishers? Can't handle scatological interests? I demand the most obscure Shintaro Kago in English so instead looking at pics, would know what stories are about!

I guess he is quite infamous globally: Simon Hanselmann. New book "Bad Gateway" continues pretty much exactly what he is known for. Bizarre and odd stories involving heavy usage of various kinds of drugs. Colorful and naivistic drawing style and bizarre, stories and dialogue that probably either hits or misses depending on reader.
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Eigen Bast

I just started The Black Monday Murders on the recommendation of a trusted friend. Truly impressive; noirish detective story basefd on the idea of the hyper wealthy as all being deeply entangled in the occult. Art is awesome-moody realism, but the use of supplementary materials gives the whole thing a cut and paste zine vibe. I think you guys would dig this one.

@bitewerks, that is good news re shintaro kago. I became familiar with his work after my sister commissioned a sketch of me by him, ha.

Also, tangential, but Mark Beyer (of Agony, Amy and Jordan, etc) will be releasing an LP of his noise recordings sometime soon-ish...there is a track floating out there on the ABQ=/=LAX comp from years ago, glad the rest will see the light of day.  Picture Jeph Jerman working with a cramped studio apartment as source.


Just finished reading the first book in A walk through hell series. Curious what this will bring, a very promising start.

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Read a few graphic novels by Michael Deforge. Esp. Leaving Richard's Valley and Familiar Faces were really good. Observations of everyday life and human struggles transformed into surreal stories. Not comparable to any other comic I've seen which is a good thing.

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Bought that Neat Stuff collection last week and was enjoying it a lot. Now re-reading my old Hate comics. Obviously over the top but still so much is very recognizable. Great fun.

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Was rereading my Sandman comics and noticed there's a Netflix series coming up..