NEW in Chrome Peeler distro: noise / punk / metal

Started by ChromePeelerRec, April 28, 2023, 04:24:21 PM

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The distro is here:

100 STORY BUILDING DROWNING IN CUM "Elderly Juvenile Delinquents on Parade" LP
Extremely not-for-everyone content here, but for those of us whom this is for, rejoice! I can't think of a label more continuously, joyously ridiculous than Wheelchair Full Of Old Men, endlessly releasing unlistenable projects from the same bunch of Impractical Joker-looking weirdo normies since the late '80s. Absolutely ludicrous, nearly Dadaist nonsense humor. Sense is never, ever made, just gloriously impossible stories that make life-long fans out of some people (including me) and send everyone else clamoring for the exits.

Ohio's mentally-crippled Breathilizor, overlords of lunatic metal blast seven evil aural sacrifices to Lucifer on their side entitled "Satanic Mathematical Calculations From The Demonoid Dimension Of Gurgletron Eleven" while Geile Diebe cover/destroy tunes by Hendrix, Jerry's Kids, Rainbow and Sockeye on "Schwedisch Amerikanische Freundschaft".

If Mudhoney smoked Elvis Presley's toenails, Harlem would be the result. Dirty, loud, raw garage noise rock. So sick.

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