Soundcloud, bandcamp ?

Started by bitewerksMTB, October 31, 2011, 09:43:02 PM

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experimental, psychedelic, free noise, improv... since 2001.

some new digital reissues (remastered) added today and earlier this week (incl. the first live from 2006).
some records and tapes also available


Around 8 minutes of noise Recorded 2008 during the Hypnagogic Domain noise session. Final edit December 2022.


My first release, I'm satisfied with it for my limitations with recording. Had a lot of fun making it and I'll definitely be doing more in the future. Contact mic, metal, pedals, and synth.


First full tape by Kitu, known for some as the other half of YANA.
Masterful pedal noise, with patient focus on soundscapes, embracing the dadaist aesthetic of noise. Poor of content by name only. 30 minutes.
released December 26, 2022



Thanks. A demo has been sent to a prospective label for review so I'm waiting to hear back. Otherwise I may just release it myself. We'll see...

Zeno Marx

Arsenije Jovanovic streams.  These used to be a pain to grab, but it appears that is no longer an issue.  He only has a few official releases, so these are a treat.
"the overindulgent machines were their children"
I only buy vinyl, d00ds.


Hi, just some older stuff thrown on bandcamp:


Now seemingly out of print - the second / latest Energy Gradient release, Motes, is available for listening on YouTube: