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Started by RyanWreck, May 26, 2012, 04:12:39 AM

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Quote from: accidental on May 10, 2020, 06:56:03 PM
Where as originally released the individual title, packaging and content are in symbiosis. Imagine a CD reissue set at €12. Keeping original art as far as possible. As AD/IR did with those three reissues before they caved in for the box. Those three were almost too good to be true. Maybe the splits became an issue?

You mean MO*TE box? I feel it very well justified, as it is a complete thing. Including all the Uncut label output of MO*TE often from split tapes. Artwork of many of these releases is not something that could be blown out to LP sleeve, haha, perhaps not even substance for stand alone jewelbox or digipak. Box was easily to best option than long series of compilation CD's including MO*TE halfs of splits.

I am also not a fan of box set reissues, unless there is sort of proper reason for it. Complete works, I don't need from everybody, but for some artists it works out well. If artwork is rather minimal, one fold J-card, it feels as if cardboard sleeve in box set is better than re-invent the whole thing to suit LP reissue. Or even try to come up with ideas to fill the jewelbox, without ruining the original.

From label perspective, it is clear that often box set is the way to get material to people. Anyone who put out series of stuff, can probably tell, that first, second, perhaps third, people will be into it. You got fourth and fifth coming out, and no matter is it Atrax Morgue, MB, Skin Crime, Streicher, whoever, I can bet that demand is progressively less step by step. Then we may have question: If there is seemingly no demand, why publish 5-30 disc of _____? I would argue that publishing noise is not about the immediate demand or "making money". However, to keep things sustainable, many have to consider options how things get done, what I hope to get done. If you committed to release something you admired and worshipped, box set that people will buy just like they would do for couple stand alone discs may be good option oppesed to putting out 15 stand alone discs of same artist, where 3 first ones are always sold out and 12 others sit in bargain sale lists for decades.

It is a fact, that there is no "good way" to publish noise. As soon as you thought you did perfect thing, there will be guy asking "where's the download code" or "when tape version will be out" or whatever opposite thing that was just done.

But of yes, if my view is asked: Less boxes, more stand alone releases! Less revision, more as-it-was, despite it would mean struggling with artists who thinks his teenage years aesthetics looked like shit.

In near future Industrial Recollections is putting out 3 more Veprisuicida stand alone jewelbox CD's. There are 5th ,6th and 7th reissues of artists on IR. No matter how brilliant they are, it may be fact that there is surprisingly little amount of people who feel utmost urge to get "7th CD" of any artist. hah.. I can live with that fact.

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only complaint with skin crime box was the lack of original art. big complaint actually, but overshadowed by my desire to hear/own a collection from a top favorite artist who i know isnt going to have any of what i would consider 'crappy' or 'so-so' material included. the art used i felt was suitably good enough though. other than that, i have played all discs many times except the few titles i already owned. same thing goes for incapacitants 'alchemy box is stupid'... i do wish the packaging of that 'box' was as sturdy as the skin crime box packaging.

if every disc is likely to be good to excellent in terms of quality of noise, there are many artists i would prefer to own a massive box as opposed to individual reissues. maybe because i buy so little music these days, when compared to what i used to spend, i am more excited over the prospect of a truly special item as opposed to just another disc or tape or record to shelve away. 20 disc set of golden era macro for $180 or 1 out of a 20 disc campaign of releases at $10 each... i likely wouldnt buy any of the singles but would cop the box as fast as i could, assuming it was many titles i didn't already own. unless it is special to me for centimental reasons i also have no reservations of selling off the originals i already owned to offset some of the price. for me, the skin crime box almost paid for itself in that manner.

we'd all love that pain jerk box to happen, but i have heard from a reputable source that it has been offered to gomi from some of the biggest & oldest guns in the game and he is 'not interested'.


There are things, that indeed benefit from box format. I can't think any sense of TG live boxes to be stand alone CD's. Same for Hijokaidan The Noise 30xCD box. Would anyone buy 30 individual CD's, especially if it takes literally at least 3 times more space in shelves than it does now. Just two obvious examples.

Boxsets I would personally like to see and hear would be: WE SPIT ON THEIR GRAVES, JOURNEY INTO PAIN compilation series on compact disc, SEXORAMA on compact disc. Totally and absolutely box-set material!
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I would basically just repeat two requests from further back in the thread:

A box of Servile Ghost releases (perhaps a tape box in the style of the Floga Records recent reissues of various metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Necromantia etc), or possibly just a CD box like VOD's Broken Flag one.

Complete Psy Phalanx set (may not actually need an entire box, though).

Not sure I agree with that much of the criticism against box sets. It's a special type of format, which is perfect if you have a certain relationship towards a project - i.e. a wish to delve deep into it, without going out hunting for single releases. I would probably not have bothered with Ultra since there are aspects of that project that don't quite interest me. Still, I was very happy to get Delirious Elaborations, and have listened to it several times. I do agree that the format has something in common with doing a large download of a single band's releases back in the days of Napster/AudioGalaxy, but in all honesty I probably wouldn't even bother listening to some torrent or mp3 mass download these days. Box sets have artwork, which can be great if done by the right person, even if it may be reduced compared to the original releases. Also there's the whole physical dimension which I am not ashamed to say I find important.
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I love vinyl but for boxes I prefer CD or tape. Reissues of tapes, like a lot of the VOD-boxes, need a lot of editing to get everything on the 24/25 minutes sides. Also, It's too much of a hassle to find the time to listed to these huge boxes. Listened once or twice to the ones I own. 3LP boxes are okay but 4 or more, it's too much for me. Like stated above; for some artists the work becomes stronger when presented as a whole but for some artists I prefer to listen to the separate releases within their own context. Reproduction of the original artwork is not a must for me but any revised artwork should be in the same spirit as the original. Also, the box should be presented as a cohesive release in presentation and sound which in a lot of cases means a compromise in artwork and mastering.

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There was a homemader box set a long time ago, but I think it was limited to something like 5 or 10 copies and made with trial software that left beeps/artifacts in the CDR burns.  With the releases of LHD's Even Still and In Mono, we gotta have it.
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Hermit.  I've been surprised by Hermit not having a greater footprint in the reissue realm.  Would love to see a box set.  Maybe Mr.Boros isn't interested?  I know there is a thread in progress on another board about Canadian noise and experimentalism, and I don't believe Hermit/Eric Boros/Manufractured is mentioned once.
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Quote from: Zeno Marx on April 03, 2024, 07:38:45 PMHermit.  I've been surprised by Hermit not having a greater footprint in the reissue realm.  Would love to see a box set.  Maybe Mr.Boros isn't interested?  I know there is a thread in progress on another board about Canadian noise and experimentalism, and I don't believe Hermit/Eric Boros/Manufractured is mentioned once.

Good call. Hermit's material was fairly unique in the late 90s noise field. I have a number of releases from him that have gotten a lot of play over the years. Solid,structured noisescapes with eerie undercurrents. Would love to see that material collected in some fashion.