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I have been watching Young Frankenstein at least once a year since I have discovered it.
Definitely one of the best movies ever, and not just in comedy.
Brooks wrote some of the best pieces of art in cinema, too bad he completely lost it.
I was watching HIGH ANXIETY  a few months ago and still makes me laugh like the first time.

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not to go on a total tangent, but more Withnail and I.

you bloody fool you should never mix your drinks!

Yes! Not so much comedy I don't think, at least not in the "obvious" sense, but worthy of great appreciation for sure. There is something so....grim....about it. Very droll but very drab also. British misery humour!


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*Nighty Night - extremely funny and twisted black comedy drama from Julia Davis who was in Chris Morris's Jam and Brass Eye; fans of the League of Gentlemen would be wise to see this too, it's utterly brutal!

will have to check this, thanks for the tip. I just watched Jam and really enjoyed it. it's really grim, brutal, bad taste black comedy!
also liked
The league of gentleman
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace
uk dark comedy rules


For those who don't know, The Onion is a free satirical newspaper in the states that's generally funny as hell.

Please enjoy this recent article on Kate Middleton's pregnancy.,30602/

and an old favorite,2338/

online prowler

Mel Brooks is great. Classics mentioned - indeed! "To be or not to be" from '83 deserves a mention too. Funny rump about a theatre troupe during WWII. NAZI humour of course...

Underwater Love (2011) A pinku musical w score by Stereo Total, and not to forget cinematography by
Christopher Doyle. Highly recommend this one.

Regarding tv shows. UK has a lot of good things to offer. Enjoyed Darkplace, Psychoville and League.


I was thinking about late '70s to mid-80s comedies like Animal House(classic),Neighbors, 1941,  Zapped, Weird Science, The Last American Virgin, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Hollywood Knights... ugh, had a few more the other day but now, I can't remember them. A few were '80s teen/sex comedies.


Watched "Zombie Ass" yesterday - a Japanese trash movie which had some funny moments


A Christmas Story- classic


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A Christmas Story- classic

That's one of those that I have never watched on my own, all the way through. I have probably only seen parts of it totally out of order from it being on every single christmas no matter who I am spending it with.



Lots of great stand-up comedians already mentioned...Carlin, Hicks, Chappelle, Oswalt. BTW, I think all of Carlin's classic HBO specials are still on Netflix...some of those specials from the 90s are amazing and essential viewing if you consider yourself a fan of comedy.

I just skimmed this thread and I'm not sure I saw anyone mention Louis C.K. yet. He had already made a name for himself as one of the best stand-ups around, but then he went out and created the great tv show Louie. He pretty much does it all...writes all the episodes himself, directs, edits, etc... It all comes from one guy, not the watered-down lowest common denominator product of a group of writers.

Also don't think I've seen anyone mention Doug Stanhope. He's primarily known as one of the two guys who took over hosting The Man Show when the original two left, but that show fucking sucked so don't let that put you off. The guy just wanted a nice paycheck. His stand-up material is very dark and filthy, so obviously would appeal to readers of this board, hehe.

Two of my favorite TV shows while in highschool were Strangers With Candy and Upright Citizen's Brigade. That might have been the best hour of TV comedy ever.


Quote from: bitewerksMTB on December 26, 2012, 09:43:29 PMWhat's the fat black comedian that died this year or last? He was pretty damn good too.

Patrice O'Neil. I'm not very familiar with his material but he was a frequent guest on that Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn show on Comedy Central years ago and he was pretty good on that. Greg Giraldo is another comedian who died recently and was a guest on that show as well.

A couple years ago when I worked a different job and sat on my ass in front of a computer all day, I listened to comedy podcasts all the time. My favorites were Comedy Death Ray (now called Comedy Bang-Bang) and WTF. Comedy Bang-Bang is improv style with some very funny people. WTF is an interview format with various celebs hosted by comedian Marc Maron. Not as gut-bustingly funny as Comedy Bang-Bang but still entertaining and worth listening to. Some others that I listened to less frequently were the Pod F. Tomkast (hosted by Paul F. Tompkins) and The Adam Carolla Podcast (funny in spurts, but often veers into angry middle-aged guy ranting)

Vigilante Ecstasy

Finnish noise experimentation.

I'll get my coat.
I'm tensed up/To watch the sex film

online prowler

This probably goes into another thread called General warning of unwanted shit films.

The gods must be crazy I, II, III.

Samurai Cop
(1989) Soon to be reissued on dvd. Hilarious action comedy.


I am definitely looking forward to this:

recently I fell in love with a very silly Italian Tv series named MARIO, nothing new, quite surreal/demented series with a very talented main guy and several crazy side-actors.
I hope he won't get repetitive.
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