Vilnius Feb 8-9, Grunt, Pogrom, Vanhala, MAAAA, Oorchach, Girnų Giesmės, +others

Started by Jaakko V., December 11, 2012, 11:40:13 AM

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Jaakko V.

Very successful festival. Two days of music went totally without hassle. Excellent venue with good sound & light system. Very good attendance of people. If the festival continues on this path, I'd say it might very well be worth travelling to see and hear from abroad.

First night was experimental, drone, ambient, slightly noisey stuff. Second night was pure noise, power electronics, and so on. Festival included also a workshop for soldering electronics (theremin, effects, controllers), and lectures - Mr. Aspa spoke about Finnish noise scene and his own involvement in it.

Video material is coming up I guess. Two sets of pics online, including everything else except Grunt pics for some reason!

Day 1:

Day 2:

Big thanks to organizers & everyone involved!


First day was nice. I didn't get much out of this noisegenerator / oscillator type of sets by most of foreign bands, but locals, SALA and GIRNY GIESMES were very nice. Yet, lets say when latex dressed japanese lady with whip doing droney vocals and electronics with assistance of guitar noise, it was very much the cherry on top of friday's program! Jigu 55 - never heard of it before!

2nd night was much more to my own taste.
Pogrom doing solid set, wearing quite disturbing pigs face mask and doing easily better set than in Finland! Rotten noise sounds and aggressive vocals.
Vanhala did more cut-up, more dynamic set than ever before. Very crispy and clear sounds filled with energy.
Oorchach was very nice droney noise, with very tasty sounds. Easily more interesting than for example foreign drone bands of previous night. It had one foot in noise realms, never really painful or harsh, though.
Maaaa set was well controlled mix of harsh noise and quiet moments building tension. I think this worked better for me than any recording I have heard so far? Will have to return to Maaaa recordings...
Grunt set went just about as planned. I guess Jaakko's noise contributions were little bit too quiet in mix and not sure if vocals little too loud, but elements such as this is more critical evaluations of recording... at the moment itself, it was very inspiring to be on stage. perhaps little thanks to bottle of single malt whisky too, hah..

Those who want to hear 75 minutes of random unplanned "presentation", can listen recording that someone from audience did. I think he was the one asking good questions in the end. Thanks for that!

Event went perfectly. I didn't notice any technical flaws or any lack of organization. Every aspect done perfectly. Special thanks to Arma & Ilona, Pogrom, Maaaa and miss Excessive Voyeurism and hellos' to rest of folks that was met...   I realized there was bunch of local people I should have talked to, but maybe next time! Time went so quickly.
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Yeah it was a nice gig. Far better than the one last year where one stage was for whitch house or whatever that style is and another was a mix of drone/ambient and noise. It was nice talking and drinking, etc. with guests. All in all, top notch. Apart from the thing that the beer was good and it was good to talk, there was some music.
The first day - I've still not found a person who would say that the first day was more interesting than the second one or at least interesting. So it was spent mainly for beers.
Danil Akimov - quite average noise generator worship. I think there were two sound layers, one oscillating u-y-u-y and another doing some sort of low hum. Not very bad, but nothing interesting.
WOUTER JASPERS + VJ STAN STENCIL - for me personally this was the weakest performance of the whole fest. Even the boys on their BMXs in skate park were doing more interesting stuff. I guess too much art for me.
Sala was quite good. It started from water sounds, field recordings etc. and ended in some sort of post rock or something like that, composition. It was decent and best that evening already.
Sovijus - years ago it was ambient and after some sort of hiatus, returned as an outlet for various weirder sounds of Munius. Lately it's been some sort of jazz/rock improvisations or something like that, but I've heard better performances of theirs.
Girnų Giesmės - as one could expect, was the best that evening. Solid drone going from peak to more silent parts through the time of performance. Anyways, visuals were weird and it seemed that it was not his, but someone the guy's who was responsible for the lights so I think no video would've done better than just random stuff. Anyways, best.
Jigu55 - This was too weird for me. The woman with the wizard hat, whiping, noise, singing, etc. Or maybe I was just a little too drunk to enjoy the freakiness.
Bottle of tequila at home was good though in the morning I was sorry for consuming it. It sounded like the danger of vomit all the next day.

Anyways. The second day.
Pogrom. I think it's good not to play live very often. There was lots of time to prepare and i'm pretty ok with how it came though not everything was 100%. Lack of feedback on stage, failing mic from time to time and overall next time if I'm going to perform in mask, I'll have to rehears in it for a couple of times. Because playing with the cracked ear drum and earbuds inside the mask filters the sound very much.
Jaakko Vanhala I thought somehow about the term like dancing with metal sheets or something like that. Very good cut up noise and nice view on stage. It seemed that Jaakko was really dancing with these metal sheets, microphones, etc. Great.
Oorchach did a really good performance, but I guess it would be a surprise if he did bad one. Somewhat ritualistic loops, drones and overall very good atmosphere, rising at the very end of performance.
Maaaa I'm always afraid to misspell this title and write too little A letters in it. Great harsh noise. Intense, loud and oppressing. Perfect.
Grunt - no surprise they were the best that evening. Solid compositions, solid videos, solid looking men on stage etc. As for vocals, I doubt they were too loud. A few people in local forums wrote that vocals were too silent or that Oorchach's or pogrom vocals were too silent. I think mostly it had to do with the place in hall where the people were standing. From where I was standing, it seemed perfect. Not far from sound engineer. Jaakko's part could've been a little louder, but I thought about this just after the show so I guess this means that the whole performance was top notch.
There was one guy who said he never saw his wife so amazed by any PE band as it was for Grunt. Also someone said that one guy fainted during pogrom performance. Overall everyone is very satisfied with the gig and how it went out.
cheers and until next time


ah, here are videos by all project apart from Grunt. Maybe Grunt will be included in the future too.

Grunt in here:


That was very solid, amazing event!
Everything: sound, lights, crowd, food and so was so perfect.
I was able to come only to noise day and every band was great. There are so many nice photos and now videos, thanks one more time for those who did it as I could refresh my memories again.
Thanks for support, all bands for great performances and Jaakko and Mikko for nice day. Special thanks for organizers, the job was done so well.


Quote from: Peterson on February 21, 2013, 12:28:46 AM
Was Grunt the one with the "Mentors Rape Rock" black hood?

Bondage masks. I bet those fuckers are hot.  I'd fall over from a heat stroke if I wore one.


MAAAA was one with executioners hood and police shirt.
Leather masks are much more comfortable than for example latex. Not bad at all. Surely will be marinated in sweat, though...
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I've only worn my leather mask during sexy time but even if it is just a half an hour I can't stand it any longer. It gets itchy as hell. Fuck wearing that thing during a stage performance.

Those videos are awesome, especially Pogrom and Grunt.

How long has there been 2 members of Grunt? I noticed this in some recent pictures as well and meant to ask. Was "World Draped..." recorded with 2 members (or even circa "Petturien Rooli"), or is he mainly there for live support? Whatever the case it sounded great. I'm really hoping that there will be some shows like this when I visit Finland in August.

Jaakko V.

Quote from: RyanWreck on March 21, 2013, 02:45:04 AMI'm really hoping that there will be some shows like this when I visit Finland in August.

In early August there's gonna be a very, very nice Grunt gig. Can't say anything more about it now. Not yet announced officially.


Short moment from GRUNT performance in Vilnius (forgot to insert high-speed SD card so video was cutting off every 10-15sec and filming was pointless) :