2:00AM Tapes FIVE NEW: Vestigial Limb, Shiflet, Vales, more!

Started by MorisBelvins, April 17, 2010, 06:26:26 AM

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[2AM19] Vestigial Limb | Velo-Dog Dissuader (c40)
Ray Shinn crafts a simply stunning release jam packed with a variety of masterful found sound collage works. Armed with tapes and a record player, Shinn sculpts vivid abstract worlds beyond description. Jaw dropper. Limited to 45 copies.

[2AM18] Palatial | Tierkorperbeseitigungsanstalt (c40)
With a one word title literally longer than the fucking alphabet, Sascha Mandler (Namazu Dantai, Izanami's Labour Pains) and Will Gresson hone their skills for their first official release that is sure to please. Mouth noise fuckery meets rusty piano wire and open throat chants. Raw basement antics in a variety pack. Spell the title in one try and get the tape free. Limited to 45 copies.

[2AM17] Vales | Tosser (c20)
The glitched pinball wizards meet the buzz saw drone architects in the square circle for a battle for the belt. Nice pecs, Johnny. Limited to 24 copies.

[2AM16] Mike Shiflet | Omen Chaser (c24)
Two gorgeous soft static lullabies from Columbus veteran Mike Shiflet. Wind blown snow drifts meld with frozen rain patters and magic mantra broadcasts. It's like a blizzard massage for your mind, minus the brain freeze. Limited to 45 copies.

[2AM15] Corpse Candle | Into Dust (c20)
Brixtons Robert Meldrum, also of Unearthed crafts a short but very sweet harsh noise bludgeon buffet with all the fixings from caustic ear bleeders to low down ground shakers. Fill up your plate and go back for seconds. Phaser sherbet for dessert. Limited to 35 copies.

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