Started by absorb, April 26, 2010, 02:48:48 AM

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Wow. What is he saying at the beginning? Not a whole translation, but a general "gist" of what is going on. Did they kill that guy or require his body by legal means?


I haven't clue, that's why I posted it here. Found the gallery site: and that's all I've found related to this video, nothing on the artist or what he's saying at the start.
The video has just been recently uploaded with only 132 views, I'm sure someone's going to start talking about it on some blog sooner or later, it's pretty heavy...



cool video.... definitely digitally altered.


theres a mexican( maybe, but definetly from south america) who does "paintings" like that. uses his body,his blood to create the work. ive seen canvases ,a couch and a bunch of other pieces by him. fuck if I cant remember his name.



And then there is Jordi Valls of Vagina Dentata Organ.

Quote22: Do you work in other domains (photos, paintings, writings...)? (If you do , please send documents ! )

Already in 1984 I started working with my own blood for the limited edition of the CALANDA LP. And now I paint large canvasses smeared in my blood. I happen to know a nurse who takes my blood about once a month with an hypodermic needle. Then I go back home with my blood still warm inside glass-tubes, to paint. The most extraordinary thing is the terrible reek, the smell of blood. Now I know exactly what the assasin smells after a bloody murder, he will remember it forever. I always paint at night with all windows open, and then all the dogs in the neighbourhood start barking like mad. It is a live concert...


As i said in another board, this video is (as you might know) a fake. One of my good friend is a FX maker for cinema ( and when he watched the clip, he simply told me that the silicone body was beforehand glued to the white board.

They simply add a crappy story around that scene at the beginning of the clip. The guy speak in french and he's talking about how he has to be discret and that he has to left that flat in two weeks before getting caught by the police. He said that's the price to paid for being a Perversioniste. Typical bullshit à la Cannibal Holocaust.