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Started by FreakAnimalFinland, June 20, 2010, 09:54:39 PM

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There was earlies topic opened about Yaso and not reactions, but perhaps still should mention also this: Talking Heads series, reaching so far to issue 42. Got handful of these. Each issue is A5 size book, c. 200 pages, with lots of full color (and b/w) artwork. Perhaps just like Yaso, this magazine says in cover it includes "art, dance & literature".
Lots of grotesque & beautiful dolls photos, jap "real doll" type sex dolls, trevor brown and several other baby art -type artists, but also more rough and clumsy underground works.
Basically a magazine to look for references what to buy, who have published, and samples. Language is Japanese, so not much to read, but for cover price of c. 1500jpy, easily worth of investment. Not sure where to find in west, but in Tokyo, almost anywhere.

website all in japanese:
E-mail: fanimal +a+ cfprod,com


I seriously regret not picking up more magazines and books when I was in Japan. The problem is bringing them home when airlines charge $50 min for bags. :(