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Cranial Blast

Quote from: NerveGas on November 06, 2021, 05:42:46 PM
Quote from: ultracore.revenge on November 06, 2021, 04:56:36 PMAny new noisecore bands around? I feel like this scene suffered hugely in the last 2 decades. And I mean, both musically, lyrically, and aesthetically. Who opened the gates to the wimps and fakes?

What happened with our scene?

I am by no means the most tapped into "the scene" but aesthetically it think it just suffers from what everything suffers from nowadays. It's easy to shit out boring awful art on a computer. Also it just comes down to technology. Awful art 30 years ago may have had some charm to it. Nowadays not so much. This is a problem with many genres. Same with recording quality of releases. Maybe less with harsh noise or power electronics, but it seems that most underground genres (punk, metal, and I guess even some noisecore) suffer from a strange kind of DIY (sometimes) overproduction. This is probably due to the ease of acquiring digital recording equipment. Recording digitally is fine and opens up many doors, but one has to tread carefully as a recording that is too "proper" doesn't lend itself to most underground shit. When I'm listening to a black metal/HC punk/noisecore/etc record  I don't want some booming perfect drum sound or crisp guitars. I like broken, old, or simply  unique sounds with actual character. Everyone sounds like they record at the same studio in this day and age. As I said above, I'm not so tapped in and don't listen to a lot of new noisecore stuff. Most stuff I enjoy was recorded decades ago. Just my thoughts.

I don't think it's so much about modern technology being the center of blame, as it's more about in my opinion, how contrived a lot of this art/noise is today and I mean more in the way of the "artist" approach as a whole, like it feels very forced, rather than authentic. I often get more of this sense that a lot of this output of material today is just what's "expected" today for a lack of better description. Often feel like there is this immediate big missing link in today's recording processes that is lacking and I'm very guilty of this too, but the lack of knowing how to compress the end results and mix it in a way that sounds very tangible and real when revealing the end recording, but then again it's 2023 and it's an era of I can do this quick! Whatever fuck it! Get it out! There is something to be said for that too, but at the same time would be better refined with a bit more concentration and perhaps more discipline. I think it's a fine line between DIY just shoot and ask questions later and the approach to not only reinvent the wheel successfully, but also trying to be innovative as possible considering the current technology at hand.


I came across this one pretty recently:

It reminded me of old Anal Cunt mixed with Gore Beyond Necropsy.


Found YESMEANSYES' 88 Song EP in a local record store.. Currently spinning it, good company to friday red wine.


Heracleides / Kuttekop - split CDr
Heracleides has more "humor" in it, more crappiness, but in sort of positive way of saying it. Kuttekop in other hand is wildest and some of the most intense current day noisecore I've heard for a while!

Kuttekop - Transverse Toxospumosis LP
This LP is a bit less "noisecore", and there is some of that too, but it is more like free-noise like noisecore band playing hijokaidan type of thing. Not so much about short compact blasts, but very noise, very energetic and good stuff.
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