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Started by Peterson, July 12, 2012, 10:24:36 PM

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got the Emetic LP, fucking stoked.


I've been loving the recent surge of reissues. So much excellent material

Volcano Queen

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It's a very good time to revisit this project as a ton of reissues are finally happening, and all at the same time (New Wall Order?).

Here's a recap of everything that has happened in the past year, but mostly in the past two months:

- "Tumors" (reissued July 2022, CD, Input-Error)
- "Emetic" (reissued April 2023, LP, Phage Tapes)
- "Destruction's Geometry" (reissued May 2023, CD, Phage Tapes)
- "Prayers for the Sick" (reissued May 2023, CD, Tribe Tapes)
- "Stand in Blood" (TBA, announced via Instagram story in May 2023, CD, Input-Error)
- "Disasterland" (TBA, planned reissue confirmed by Crucial Blast via Discogs comment in May 2023, unknown format)
We're reissuing both 'Stand In Blood' and 'Horrors of The Human Body' on CD. Should both be out mid/end of June.

Best possible scenario is having yet another title to add to the list. Cheers, you're doing important work!


Was playing the 2020 reissue of Low Fi Power Carnage today. Grant did a nice job remastering. Made it decently loud without adding distortion and making it sound harshed out. That's the way to do it...

Need all these recent reissues, I did get the Tumours disc from Input Error. Been digging that label's CDs.

Fistfuck Masonanie

We are getting spoiled by the number of classic material reissues in the last few years. It's so nice to have so much of the early Dead Body Love catalog reissued, and at this rate and volume, I would be surprised if most, if not all, of the 90s material will be out at some point in time. Would particularly love to see Metal Induced Orgasm, Disasterland, Annihilation Devices, and Erase The Body next. But here are the latest.

Dead Body Love - Repugnance CD (Audio Dissection/Industrial Recollections)

Listening to the new reissue of the 1997 tape. Right off the bat this starts with a serious textural crunch. Heavy mid-range with a low end. Also a noticeable use of loops. Reminds me of Emetic which came out the same year, the same style and execution. The second track still plays with texture but has more dynamics and variety in volume. The rest of the album continues to be crushing and does not disappoint. The mastering on this one is well done and at times can contend with the crunchiest of DBL releases.

Dead Body Love - Crossfire CD (Audio Dissection/Industrial Recollections)

A violent wave of sweeping harsh electronics and less of a textural and crunchy bludgeoning than Repugnance. The frequencies on this one are more of a high to mid-range, at least the first track. That might be more due to the mastering than the original source material though. However, there is a crunchy underbelly to these tracks, especially on track 2, but it's not always the main focus like on other releases. Track 2 has a more choked-out and grimy crunch. Crossfire hits hard and fast as its two tracks have a total run time of 24 minutes.

The new solo album from Gabriele was just released on Phage Tapes as well and sitting here waiting to be played. Can't wait to dig into that next.