'Zine Reprints

Started by Jaakko V., December 16, 2014, 08:36:58 PM

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Jaakko V.

For the last couple of days I've been delving into the complete book release of Touch and Go 'zines from '79 to '83. Even not knowing many of the bands written about, it's truly a pleasure to go through and I guess a real gem for many of those who were only little kids (or not even born) at the time. Very interesting on various levels. The freshly released book version of Isten 'zines is probably another one acting as a true source of inspiration for many.

The Force Mental book from some years ago is a nice one as well. What else is there? Or what fanzines would deserve to be collected and reprinted as full volumes, maybe even as smaller prints on some diy-label? Never bothered checking out any PDF-scans of old 'zines but actual reprints would be interesting.


Not music-related but Nine-Banded Books did THE GUN FAG MANIFESTO that I'm going to break down & buy sooner or later.