Puce Mary - Finland minitour 27.2.-1.3. Oulu, Helsinki, Lahti

Started by Jaakko V., January 05, 2015, 05:26:22 PM

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Jaakko V.

Puce Mary - Finnish mini-tour

27 Feb – Kulttuuribingo, Oulu (w/ Jaakko Vanhala, Templum N.R.)
28 Feb – Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki (w/ Jaakko Vanhala, Gunk, Jukka Siikala audio-visual presentation)
1 Mar – Rooster Pub, Lahti (w/ Pain Nail, Jukka Siikala audio-visual presentation)

Line-up updates and other details coming up.


Jaakko V.

Confirmed to play in helsinki: GUNK!

Gunk are a 4 men group exploring metallic resonances, bangs and screeches. The quartet was formed in 2011. Minimalism and maximalism. The second 12", Bird/Less, was released at the end of 2014.


Much recommended!

Jaakko V.

Templum N.R. confirmed to play in Oulu.

Debut tape out soon on Aural Hypnox!

Jaakko V.

The events start as announced. Meaning – be there in time.

Oulu, 7 pm
Helsinki, 6.30 pm
Lahti, 6 pm


E-mail: fanimal +a+ cfprod,com
MAGAZINE: http://www.special-interests.net
LABEL / DISTRIBUTION: FREAK ANIMAL http://www.nhfastore.net

Jaakko V.

Super weekend. A really good turnout of people and killer sets. Maybe writing something a bit later, but at the moment it only has to be said that hölökynkölökyn and big thanks to everyone involved, everyone who came, etc.

Maybe something like this will be done again at some point, let's see. Right now it feels that this possibly cannot be too easily topped though.