My art for sale - findings in my old vault

Started by tisbor, December 19, 2015, 10:13:05 AM

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Some of you might know I moved back to Italy.
While fixing my old house, among other things I found I still have a handful of copies of these beautiful, pornographic and probably illegal in most countries screenprints I did in 2008.

You can buy them if you want. Write me if interested: gurkeroboter(at)gmail(dot)com.
"Hund #1/2/3" - White screenprints on heavy black paper. 50 x 70 cm. Limited to 10 numbered and signed copies each. Only two copies left of #1 and #2, four copies left of #3.
55 Euro plus shipping.

I'll post new art here from time to time.


Great work - I have always liked the beastiality-themend drawings of yours most of all. Be sure to post more of your art here!


I loved your artworks a lot. But I never interested in buying art works. Sorry for it. I often visit art galleries in my town or nearest towns. I enjoy viewing these arts and interested to compliment for their hard work that they have put up to draw it.


I love your art too, I have some pictures of your's on my walls but it's stuff I cut out from other stuff, I wouldn't trust myself with original artworks. Good luck selling them!!
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