Zasavje Noisefest International - 2-3/06/2017, Slovenia: KE/HIL, SATORI and more

Started by metalpunk, May 12, 2017, 11:58:30 AM

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2-3.06.2017 Trbovlje, Slovenia
Line up:
- SATORI (industrial/noise, UK)
- KE/HIL (musik for the prekariat, DE)
- EINLEITUNGSZEIT (power-industrial-noise, SK)
- CADLAG (drone/noise, SI)
- DAVE PHILLIPS (live action/video action/field recordings, CH)
- SVARTVIT (harsh noise, NL)
- HEXENBRUTAL (hardcore/industrial/noisecore, SI)
- MAAAA (noise/musique concrète/heavy electronics, Karelia-PL)
- SLOW SLOW LORIS (experimental/avant-garde/noise, DE)
- MYRMECOPHAGOUS (noise/experimental/feedback, IT)
- STOSSAVIA (deadly harsh noise vibes/lost and found tapes, IT)
- JIG (harsh-kick-industrial-noise, BiH)
- GEN 26 (harsh noise, SI)
- FUTURO DE HIERRO (rhythmic noise/live sound manipulation, ES)
- IMPOSTA FABBRICAZIONE SPIRITI (lo-fi electronics, detuned atmospheres, IT)
- FALL INTO DRY LUNGS (noisecore, AUT)
- RE-DRUM (concrete drone, RU)
- GODS WIL (steel harsh noise, NL)
- CHRUP (noise, CZ)
- DRÉN (noise, SK)
- IF, BWANA (improvization, US)
- HUXTERLTRONIK (noise/ambient/experimental, SI)
- SZNUR (power electronics, PL)

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The "venue" is really amazing

Additional attribute that gives to the festival its special mark (beside the known and less known names that we are hosting), is the specific environment where it is held. Coal-miners vašhava simply by its own visual look, evokes the dark impressions, the industrial weight of the working-class spirit and its industrial heritage, which is unmistakably a part of our history of the region. There is not a better place here for this kind of festival than its own industrial 'counterpart', materialized in the form of vašhava, where sound and space come together and intertwine, forming a completely different experience of the sound, generated within the space, while at the same time, space be(com)ing something completely different when confronted with the sound.

3 days left and 80% funded. Please support the festival, get T-shirt and other stuff. Come and enjoy this beautiful country, and industrial festival.