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Started by CosmicWeaponOfThule, May 30, 2017, 04:45:31 AM

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This might appease a specific group of people, considering all the stuff FB deems as "Hate Speech" and shit getting shut down. This is supposedly the alt right/PC alternative to twitter. While on one hand the idea of a social media profile being shut down for some NS graphic or something is quite comical, if you want to promote stuff social media is where you do it so a non PC alternative might be a helpful tool to some people. The people who built this apparently realized the best solution to combat online hate speech is to just prevent the people who find it offensive from seeing it.

Winter Solace GAB Profile
Interview with Founder
Wired Magazine


Not sure how useful tool this is for promotion, unless it grows its userbase to rival something like twitter or facebook. Otherwise youll just have extremely limited exposure through it. Even with censorship, I feel most people gravitate towards facebook/twitter/etc simply due to the fact that everyone else is already using those platforms. On other hand, I am not dismissing that this could grow into platform for some small subculture that would get censored from bigger platforms and if you want to advertise to only such people and don't look for wider audience, then yeah, it might work for you.


lol, founder looks like a twatt to me, but interesting article.
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Does anyone actually use this service besides that guy from Winter Solace?!