Seen and not seen's, recommendations and queries on top films in general.

Started by GEWALTMONOPOL, December 29, 2009, 06:31:05 PM

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I've been looking for used copes of THE KILLER*, A.B.T. 1/2, & A  BULLET INT HE HEAD. I found Hardboiled not too long ago.

Watched I SAW THE DEVIL last night. Huge letdown. It's pretty violent but lacks anything else that would put it over the top or make it work. Mixes serial killer/revenge/action together.

Also THE STAR CHAMBER the night before.

*I found a used copy of THE KILLER 2-disc set for $7! Also '80s gore flick, SUPERSTITION.


A BETTER TOMORROW 2 is definitely on the top of my list.

ton of great sleaze/horror/trash coming this summer. SLEDGEHAMMER dvd on Intervision. NIGHTMARE finally out on Code Red. SAVAGE STREETS re-release on code red. THE DORM THAT DRIPPED BLOOD uncut dvd.  i have been considering buying a region free to pick up the great crap being put out by Euro-label ARROW--TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE, SLAUGHTER HIGH, DEEP RED re-release.


The Arrow rel's are not getting great reviews. They're cleaning the transfers so much, they're fucking them up. I have A BAY OF BLOOD & it's missing alot of the bright colors. Best to get the multi-disc Bava set that has it.

I think Blue Underground's blu-rays for the Argento films are going to be The Best. I don't have  BR yet; may spring for an all-reg. next year.

220 Electronics is great for all reg players. I have a Pioneer that hasn't given me a second of trouble & plays everything.


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Yeah, Young and Dangerous The first three are the best but they're all violent and wild HK flicks so if you're into that kind of thing they're all enjoyable.

Young and Dangerous series are good, need to revisit.
Also recommended is Moment Of Romance, great "wild youths lost in the big city" stuff. Not as violent as the Y&D films, but has a nice vibe.

Any Takashi Miike fans? So hard to keep up with his films. I think the most recent one i have seen was Sukiyaki Western Django a couple of years ago, stupid but good. Had the pleasure to watch it on a big screen. My favorite Miike films are his Black Society trilogy with Shinjuku Triad Society, Rainy Dog and Ley Lines. Depressive and bleak stuff.


I had the Black Society set but remember very little about it. I think only 1 of the films I really liked at the time. 13 ASSASSINS is great! AUDITION is my fave plus I like the beginning of DEAD OR ALIVE and ICHI is ridiculous, over the top fun. Most of his work in the last few years, I have not seen. I didn't know he directed 13 ASSASSINS until it was over.


i dont know how i feel about Takashi Miike. I have a soft spot for Dead or Alive, though most people dislike that film. Ishi the Killer is completely retarded, and at some points i feel, kind of unwatchable, though it is sleazy.

anyone a fan of HKIII films in general? Ebola Syndrome? The Untold Story, Red To Kill, Dr. Lamb, Shogun Sadism, etc etc?


SHOGUN SADISM is Japanese. Also check out INFERNO OF TORTURE & JOY OF TORTURE. I can't remember which of those is also known as OXEN-SPLIT TORTURE. There's also LYNCH LAW PUNISHMENT (I think?) but haven't seen it. The r2 dvd a few years ago was reported not to be great quality so I didn't spend the $30 on it.

One of my fave HK films is RUN & KILL. I've seen DR LAMB, RED TO KILL, THE UNTOLD STORY but on vhs years ago, most likely with no subs. Would love to see them all again. I keep meaning to pick up EBOLA SYNDROME but always forget about it. BLACK SUN MASSACRE is a must-see!

I prefer Japanese films over HK. Huge fan of Jpn yakuza, pinky violence, roman porno, etc. Synapse is doing a bunch of Nikkatsu films, first few should be out sometime this year.


The Untold Story is retarded, but pretty fun! Does Story Of Ricky count as HKIII? Few films are better to get drunk to. Never been big on HK stuff either, well not Asian cinema at all really, just trying to keep up with the real gems there.


Talking about Untold story, there is the "classic" CALIGULA - THE UNTOLD STORY. I once bought the dvd version, thinking I should have this crappy film in some easier format than VHS. And some evening I was showing friend that check out, how "real movie" has horse-handjob scene, and that was cut out... What a pointless cult movie re-issue to leave out just about only thing what makes it stand out of other ugly sleaze flicks.
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I got an uncut vhs of that in Italian, featuring the hardcore scenes as insert from Dutch VHS (I think Eng language with NL subs).
The inserts I remember should be:
- more explicit sex nudes at the beginning and in the swimming pool
- hardcore sex training for blonde slave (I can't recall the name of the actress, but she was a French journalist who enjoyed doing porn, didn't do much back in the days, but left a mark)
-explicit and gory impalement
- fat woman wanking horse during party
- expicit scenes during orgy
- more explicit torture for Michele Soavi

uncut version is completely pointless since artistically it points no value at all.
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Saw HUNGER (2008, by Steve McQueen) the other night, great film about imprisoned IRA members on hunger strike in the early 80's. Very dynamic movie, from the vicious and violent abuse of the inmates to a 16min long one-take scene with Bobby Sands just talking to a priest, or an almost as long sequence of a cleaner shoveling floods of urine across the floor of a corridor. Beautiful photography. Seemed like the music was sparse and nice too, but the fat ugly bastard who lives above me was having a party so I heard more AC/DC than sounds from the tv...
Anyway, based on a true story about this Sands guy & his hunger strike, definitely relevant take on modern British history (with authentic Thatcher comments about these "cowardly terrorists")  that you rarely hear or think about in these days of feeble Royalist wedding hysteria etc...

Btw, was there any power electronics back in the 80's on the topic of IRA & Northern Ireland?


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Btw, was there any power electronics back in the 80's on the topic of IRA & Northern Ireland?
Consumer Electronics - Fuck the IRA (track on the Neuengamme compilation) comes to mind.



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BLACK SUN MASSACRE is a must-see!

you know, i have this but i have never watched it, and i have owned it for years. it was part of a limited box set containing this movie and the 3 proper MEN BEHIND THE SUN movies.