Seen and not seen's, recommendations and queries on top films in general.

Started by GEWALTMONOPOL, December 29, 2009, 06:31:05 PM

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"Documentary film ReindeerSpotting is a documentary film of a group of young guys living in Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle, dabbling in petty crime and hard drugs. One of them, Jani, has lost five years of his life and two fingers to his debotators. He wants to leave Lapland and his old life behind. Robbing a supermarket is a start for his getaway. A few years back a documentarist, Joonas Neuvonen, was a young men living on social welfare, using drugs on daily basis. He started to film his friends and their life. This is the story of Jani."

Looks pretty interesting


This was big news in Finland.
I think most of the guys did make it fine. This is old footage what was compiled years later when at least some of them already got cleaned up. Document got K-18 rating here for supposedly drug use glorification etc. While some critics say it seems absurd, since film is very frank about the consequences. Didn't go to see it in theaters, but maybe when dvd is out..

There is finnish document film company who did document of their own past as abusers of mobile phone bubble. Getting millions worth of funding from all the big companies to create content for quite primitive phones of the time. Just fancy sales speeches while the actual substance of games was pretty much rock-paper-scissors type of utmost simplicity. Company focused more of using money on wild parties of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.  There existed already trailers of their future documents like some about Finnish rap music and perhaps more interesting the SHOCKTILT document, of the Finnish hardrock band, including their homosexual manager killing and eating penis of the band member, heh..  This is the band where name of Styggelse's magazine took name. I don't know if document was ever published/finished. Narrition is with very much broken finnish accent and little bit clumsy.
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went to see valhalla rising and it was the best thing ive seen in a long time. slow moving and really purdy to see. it had a lot of quiet moments so id advice to go see it when theres a chance there wont be that many people in the theatre.

if only they made alien vs predator in this way instead of hollywood cheese the world would be a better place.


pretty new movie produced by Tarantino. from Larry Bishop, under banner of riding with fame of Tarantino.
It's modern day biker movie, which includes very little of anything else but bikers engaging in violence, death and sex. There is a decent story and certain amount of surprices. It doesn't try to be pulp fiction or anything like that. Simply allows itself to be low expectation movie of sex and violence. And it works. Perhaps even better than Death Proof ! Certain amount of nice dialogue, from all the guys known from Tarantino movies.
I wasn't sure if I want to see it, but luckily I did. If directors would just drop the bullshit, and aim for genre movies for lowest interests, I'd be ready to pay for tickets to cinema! This is better than just about everything that actually made it to big screen in Finland in recent years? And, it didn't require much.

And now... after almost day wasted on movies, xxx and noise.. to celebrate midsummer :P
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Quote from: bitewerksMTB on April 20, 2010, 02:54:33 AM

Mikko, track down BASTARD OUT OF CAROLINA. You'll love it.

HARDCORE with George C. Scott is a nice one.

Random asides...

"Bastard Out of Carolina" is surprisingly brutal, and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, considering who was involved (director, actors) and what American cable channel they intended it to be played on. I sampled and tape manipulated a few scenes for an upcoming comp, I must say.

Will also continue the praise for "Hardcore". Have to say the depiction of the town in Michigan which it takes place will be funny to anyone that lives around there now. Not such a clean and innocent shithole these days. But, Still accurate that every white person there is Christian Reformed and has a Dutch surname.


REcent Aussie film, THE HORSEMAN, is pretty good. Father gets violent revenge on the pornographers afte rhis daughter dies.


Was just thinking of this Japanese flick earlier today
Ooru naito rongu 3: Saishuu-shô - All Night Long 3
The first two in the series are alright but this one really takes the cake. An awkward bellboy at a Japanese love motel turns stalker, sifting through women's trash to understand their lives and then things turn nasty. Humans=Garbage is basically the moral. Not the regular Japanese shock film, but plenty violent and nasty.


Srdjan Spasojevic's   A SERBIAN FILM



during weekend :

"l´ordre" jean-daniel pollet

"blue movie" alberto cavallone

"l´uomo, la donna e la bestia" alberto cavallone


Quote from: tiny_tove on March 24, 2010, 12:51:26 AM

I wonder if any of the non-Italians know the most extreme movie of the last years. "Toto' che visse due volte" (Toto' who loved twice)
Possibly the most blasphemous Italian movie ever, full of sick scenes like a real retarded fucking a statue of the holy virgin, an angel getting raped by three extremely fat guys in a garbage dump, christ dissolved into acid and so on.

The movie got a lot of shit from censorship, the vatican, fascists, ecc. devastating experience.
through a very peculiar set of circumstances, I've seen this film and I consider it a huge achievement. I was staying in a squat in Berlin and there was a terrific edition which had a lot of support material and extras so not only was I able to see a fascinating (and actually rather funny) film but I learnt a lot about the censoring and reaction that it caused.

There's LOTS of reasons to enjoy it, but I have never quite recovered from the homeless chap's ecstatic reaction to an unfurling horse erection - not only is it funny, but it's so beautifully shot. The whole fim is equisite to look at, lifting it out of the realms of mere shock value (not that there's anything wrong with shock) into an altogether more exciting realm. As to the blasphemous nature of it,  I'm not religous and being an Australain, religion is not the issue it might be Italy, so of course I'm not going to to truly get the film's impact in that sphere, but it was still fantastic.

I might go and watch it again now that you mention it.


GRAPHIC SEXUAL HORROR docu on the site, Insex, is being released in August by Synapse Films.

Synapse has a bunch of Nikkatsu films too including RAPE! I thought it was reported a few films would get released each year but I haven't seen any titles for '10.

HORROR HIGH aka TWISTED BRAIN will beout from Code Red along with... NIGHTMARE (In a Damaged Brain)! Finally!!! Late '10; doesn't sound like it'll be a high-end dvd as all the prints used/found were beat up.

DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW will be out soon too. Pretty cool tv horror.


Quote from: bitewerksMTB on June 28, 2010, 10:07:56 PM
REcent Aussie film, THE HORSEMAN, is pretty good. Father gets violent revenge on the pornographers afte rhis daughter dies.

Thanks for the tip, just watched this tonight and it really is excellent!


Few days ago, was reading newspaper, which was telling about recent Mel Gibson "scandal", where he supposedly had threaten ex-wife about burning her house and also quoted to say "If group of niggers would rape you, it would be all your fault" (excuse lack of exact phrase, since I read only Finnish translation). Well, same evening I decided to rent the lastest Mel Gibson dvd, just to honor his talent to piss off people with drunken racial slurs, haha..
Edge of Darkness (2010). Straight to dvd title in Finland, that I heard nobody talk about. It is pretty decent topical action/thriller type of thing. Government conspiracy, radioactive poisoning, some decent violent bursts. Paranoia. For 2€ rental, fine.
But before the film itself, saw trailer of Harry Brown (2009). Michael Caine as old vigilante with payback to all criminal street trash. Seemed good based on trailer, and due theme that never gets old. Got to see where to get it..
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I can only say that mel has a terrible boston accent and he used the phrase "pack of niggers"


Yesterday I came into this movie, called Martyrs (2008). Built by French.
At first I thought it will be one-more silly-built torment movie. But it wasn't. Everything goes about child abuse & revenge. Well...finally everything turns out to be about organization who seeks to know what will be after death in the way of recruiting martyrs, tormenting them to the deadly line. It looks like good idea for bad movie to turn out, BUT I liked that the main idea doesn't overcome superbly visualized violence. Anyway, movie is quite nothing that haven't been showed yet, but really worth watching...