Seen and not seen's, recommendations and queries on top films in general.

Started by GEWALTMONOPOL, December 29, 2009, 06:31:05 PM

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Quote from: Nil By Mouth on September 12, 2010, 12:16:32 PM

Anyone know it? Looking very interestings to our tastes

The Poughkeepsie Tapes is a lame faux snuff flick/mockumentary in the vein of the August Underground series. Couldn't say I'd recommend it.


Valhalla Rising is probably one of the most bleak and brutal films i have seen in ages! Not much dialogue but the photography and the atmosphere is just sheer bleakness!
I also watched A serbian film which is just so fucked up i couldnt beleive what i was watching!!


Quote from: theotherjohn on September 15, 2010, 01:11:07 AM
I might be a bit behind everyone but I've just watched Men Behind The Sun... just incredible. Now I need to see his films Lost Souls and Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre.

Black Sun is highly recommended. 


Philosophy of a Knife is a good one too on that subject. Great soundtrack, great lenght!


watched book of eli yesterday. it was basically xtian propaganda but I liked it anyhow. same directors did from hell I believe. good mad max style flick. it featured tom waits as "general goods" strore keeper.


Quote from: theotherjohn on September 19, 2010, 02:29:41 AM
Surprised no-one's mentioned this forthcoming film by one of cinema's most notorious directors yet:

Hah, looks promising! I'm a fan of Amoklauf and also enjoyed his recent flick Rampage (which is almost an updated remake).

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Quote from: bitewerksMTB on August 15, 2010, 10:12:53 PM
Watching the Aussie film THE PROPOSITION now. I'm a HUGE fan of this film; prob not another film made in the last 8 or so years that is as gritty n' filthy. You can choke on the dust, feel the heat of the Outback, & smell the rank characters. Excellant dialouge too esp from John Hurt's character (about the Irish: "Never has there been a finer race of man who has peeled a potatoe" and "What's an Irishman but a nigger turned inside out"!). Nick Cave's soundtrack is excellant too. Would love to have it on vinyl if it exists. If you're a fan of brutal westerns, this is a MUST-SEE/MUST-WON.

I think it's is by the same guy who did Ghost's of the Civil Dead. A film I haven't seen yet. The Proposition is everything I want from a Western. Dark, violent, brooding and forboding with a cast of solid actors all the way.

You won't regret seeing Valhalla Rising! Well, at least you shouldn't. If you do there's something wrong with you.

Moving on to another Dane. Me and the woman sat down and devoured Antichrist the other week. Probably in terms of sheer darkness and despair the heaviest film I've ever seen. I will have to revisit it many times before coming close to digesting it properly and I have no doubt each time will be as challenging and taxing as the first. At times I was gasping for breath or rather found myself breathing out of sync. Von Trier is in a league of his own!
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Quote from: TheGreatEcstasy on September 27, 2010, 02:10:12 PM...Ghost's of the Civil Dead. A film I haven't seen yet.

Do so immediately! Excellent movie, even Nick Cave's cameo couldn't fuck it up. And when you've finished with it, try "Everynight, Everynight", also starring David Field (one of the main actors in "Ghosts") and also a prison movie, but even grimmer.
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pretty good german movie about RAF. Been told its pretty accurate, yet hard to say exactly how truthfully everything is intended to cover, since it's movie, not a document.

whole movie happens in one train cart. 5.. or perhaps 6 people if you count one few seconds appearance. Full of entertaining dialogue, white trash, tensions of expected violent outburts, but in the end most of all just kind of clever story with unexpected turns. Pretty much just the opposite of:

I was told this is like Clockwork Orange of modern days. Perhaps. Perhaps not! It is at the same time interesting in its hopeless and brutal story, yet also includes elements so typical to modern day nihilistic ultraviolence, that there hardly is moments of horror or actual thrill. Just dull in your face stuff. Perhaps point worth to mention is good use of NAKED CITY song in the movie, proving that bizarre and noisy underground music could well fit instead of cheesy synth muzak and orchestration.
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7 DAYS- French/Canadian film that's a bit like sticking Richard Kimble (name?) from THE FUGITIVE in THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. 7 DAYS isn't an exploitation film nor is it especially arty but the torture scenes are BRUTAL. COLD. DISPASSIONATE. Add this next to THE HORSEMAN for one of the year's best films. Mash every film ripping off the crappy HOSTEL/SAW films together and they still won't be as intense as the first sledgehammer blow in 7 DAYS.


Watched the first part of the Red Riding trilogy the other day. Not quite what I expected, having very little to do with the Yorkshire Ripper and more a tale of corruption, police brutality and rancid local politics. But then all of those subjects can and do make an interesting and good film. There's solid acting and the script is pretty good too. Recommended.

Anxious to see the next two.


I watched all 3 RED RIDING films back toback. Yeah, nothing to do w/Sutcliffe. The 1st film is the best for action. 2nd I barely remember & the 3rd is pretty good. I wouldn't mind seeing them again but not worth owning unless purchased dirt cheap. Very impressive for tv movies (I think?).


yes TV made into movie. LOVED all 3 got to see them back to back to back at my local theater. sutcliffe was in the ad i read, but he was nothing more then a bit role.  good neo-noir films none the less