video of Monte Cazazza extreme performance

Started by geordie trigorin, May 21, 2018, 02:07:59 PM

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geordie trigorin

I'm Geordie, a university student from Milan, Italy.
I have always been in love with Monte Cazazza music and this is the reason why I am currently writing my university thesis on him and his art and music conception.
Unfortunately, I am having some troubles in finding videos and other material regarding his extremer performances.
I have already contacted many writers who quoted him and music experts, but nobody seems  able to help me.
Could someone, by any chance, help me to find some videos/material or give me any advice where I could find them?
I would really appreciate that and it would be a huge help for my dissertation.


Hallo Geordie, I think you can find PSychic TV  - First transmission and True Gore pretty easily on line.
Not sure about older stuff.

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Included in TRUE GORE is one of his earlier short films starring Cosey, but it has big black censoring bars. I once was at a screening of a few of his films, and that one (without bars), under a different name, is the only one i remember. To be honest they seem very tired nowadays, at least to me.
If you absolutely cannot find TRUE GORE i believe i still might have an old vhs bootleg bought from "The Eskimo" in the late 90s somewhere...