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Started by xdementia, November 21, 2018, 03:05:46 AM

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Soloman Tump

I have managed to get an hour a month show on a local FM radio station, and they are very receptive to me playing noise / drone / industrial rhythmic  stuff.  Also include some of my own field recordings, remixes, originals and I hope to do a live session at some point in the future.

2 episodes so far, both now on Mixcloud, a few technical issues in the first one with my microphone but much better in the second....  thankfully the focus is on the music.

Featuring Material Loss, Soft Issues, XLV, Himukalt, Ian Watson, Like Weeds, VFH, Moss Harvest and more....

Appreciate your time if you take a listen! Feedback most welcome


Here's a link to last weekend's Total War broadcast.

Features tracks by Uncodified, Genocide Organ, Terre Blanche, Lille Roger, Swans, Godflesh, Stahlwerk 9, Stratvm Terror, and many others.

Soloman Tump

Episode 4 of my dismal electronics radio show is available now

Emptyset, 6Siss, Grunt, Paragon, White Nothing and Dilloway/Dalt all feature amongst others.


Came across this podcast recently which has episodes with John Duncan, Jukka Siikala, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Francisco Lopez...


Here's the September episode:

Features S.T.A.B. Electronics, Death Panel, NDE, Haus Arafna, Thorofon, Throbbing Gristle, Cranioclast, and others.


And the October one:

Features The Grey Wolves, SK1005, Subhumannihilation, Sutcliffe Jugend, Ultra, Graustich, IFOTS, Theme, and more - plus a selection of neo-folk and martial muck!


Just premiered the first episode of White Centipede Noise Video Podcast on youtube:

1+ hour interview with Ilkka Vekka of HAARE:

Audio version should be available on all major platforms by tomorrow, but can also be accessed here:
Harsh Noise label and EU based distro of American Imports


Comment in the WCN Video Podcast thread about being a bigger fan of video interviews has made me realize that that's a big reason why I enjoy the SI / FA video interview series so much (ZSS, Edge of Decay)... any news on when that series might continue?


SI audio podcasts - there are couple in plans. Been for long. Some stuff is being cumulated and it should be done. Just doing so much other things have sucked most of energy. Now plenty of noise and "music albums" what were supposed to be completed in 2021, are either out or in the pressing as we speak, way less thing waiting makes room for other things..  But also next issue of SI paper magazine should be done sometime soon!

Short video interviews, there is one older archival material based episode that I have been planning. Problem with the "usual" episodes would be that it is slightly odd for two Finns talk broken english together. However, doing video interview in Finnish and then translation and subtitles is very time consuming process. More video documents? Probably, but well see when!
E-mail: fanimal +a+ cfprod,com


Also at Coimbra's University Radio, there are two shows focusing on experimental, industrial, noise et al...


Sons do Fundo:

Urban Noise

Quote from: Aldous on October 20, 2021, 01:15:25 PM
Also at Coimbra's University Radio, there are two shows focusing on experimental, industrial, noise et al...


Sons do Fundo:

Got to know these two recently due to the Metadevice new CD promotion and really enjoyed them!
New Approach Records

Soloman Tump

My monthly radio show is now up to episode 8.
This time I played tracks by Lutkie, Non-Bio, Wellness Regime, Dit Sese, Volunteer Coroner, Urschmerz, Scum Alice, and something by me at the end amongst other things.

I try not to be restricted to playing any specific genre - as long as it is broadly dismal sounding I will play it.


Harsh Truths was such a high quality podcast series while it lasted, one that holds up well...just as strong as the other noise podcasts airing nowadays.
I especially appreciated the guy's ability to lay bare the facts of that Flesh Prison label, while still keeping a cool head.
His interview with an inebriated Koufar was the best Koufar interview I've listened to, in terms of the insight given into the background and inspiration for the project. That being said, the latest WCN interview adds alot of content which wasn't necessarily in the Harsh Truths interview. What a valuable archive of conversations the Harsh Truths site is.


are the HT podcasts still up for listening? I couldn't seem to locate them.