Local folklore influences

Started by Soloman Tump, July 19, 2019, 03:12:50 PM

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Soloman Tump

I am currently digging around local folklore (I live in Oxfordshire, UK)
There are quite a few local legends such as Waylands Smithy and White Horse Hill / Ridgeway, The Blowing Stone, The Rollright Stones, St. Frideswide.

All interesting to me, and I have plans of traveling by bicycle to visit a number of these sites and take field recordings / photographs as inspiration and sources for an experimental / doomy ambient music project.

Just keen to see if anyone else is interested in their local area, and has any local tales that could be weaved into musical projects.

(Side note: Radiohead have mentioned local sites of interest in a few of their songs. Their album "King of Limbs" is actually named after an ancient tree in Wiltshire, and "Harrowdown Hill" by Thom Yorke is actually a site just off the Thames where David Kelly the weapons inspector committed suicide shortly after the Iraq war enquiry)

(edit: apologies for mentioning Radiohead on this forum, but their particular references sprang to mind and seemed a good example within music generally. Disclaimer: I am not a fan)