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Started by Tenebracid, January 15, 2012, 08:40:21 PM

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travis morgan


I know I've read "Into the Darkness". I was thinking I owned it but can't find it on the shelves, may be stuck in the top of a closet. I do have her book, "Invisible Children".

I'm currently re-reading Dennis Lehane's "Shutter Island". Going to start McCarthy's "All the Pretty Horses" next.


Recently finished Anais Nin "delta of venus" and "house of incest".
Currently reading "hunger" by Knut Hamsun.


SAVITRI DEVI "forever and ever"
Publisher says: "Forever and Ever is one of three books left unpublished when Savitri Devi died in 1982. The manuscript was long thought to be lost. But in 2006, a French friend of Savitri contacted the Archive with the news that all three volumes were extant. This is the first of Savitri Devi's long-awaited posthumous works to be published."
Paperback finally released in 2012 by Counter-Currents. Material from early 50's may not belong to most influential and celebrated works of Devi, but this c. 100 pages of devotional poems and hymns of praise - sometimes very poetic, sometimes bordering simply richly written confessions of admiration essays. Certainly if one would want to check out some esoteric hitlerism, this is mandatory reading. Book is very well done. Translations, foot-/linernotes, photos and scans of original manuscripts.
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travis morgan

QuoteGoing to start McCarthy's "All the Pretty Horses" next.

from what i hear "child of god" is a great one too
but i haven't had much luck finding it locally (which is fucking odd cause the dude lived here)
so i guess i'm gonna have to get it off amazon or something

have read this one?


I think I've read "Child of God"; I've read most of his work. I would love to come across a used copy of "Blood Meridian", that's his best. Check out abebooks.com for cheap paperbacks.

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by Dennis Lehane


Could someone recommend me a book about German cooperation (political and philosophical etc.) with the Arabs during the Third Reich and after?


Rights Of Burial by Tom Jackman and Troy Cole

true crime rag on the crimes of homosexual serial killer Robert Berdella. Kinda boring in some parts and then there are other parts that are mind blowing and make you think.
All in all I highly recommend it. Taint is the only person I know of that has specifically referenced this case.


For some reason I've just started reading The Elixir And The Stone by the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Only on the first chapter but I might give up on it soon enough.


Quote from: Jordan on November 17, 2012, 10:12:18 PM
For some reason I've just started reading The Elixir And The Stone by the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Only on the first chapter but I might give up on it soon enough.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail was quite interesting, I think. Can't take it seriously, but it makes good entertainment.

I just started reading Hal Duncan's Vellum.


dostoyevsky's diaries from the underground


Hyun Se Lee - "Hard Boiled Angel" - while looking up some info on Mike Diana's Boiled Angel I came across this graphic novel. Just started it but it's about a bad ass Korean female detective, the first in Korea. Starts off with a peeping Tom/high roller watching her for going on a year plus, then trying to rape her at a park. I know the overall plot involves a bunch of women getting murdered but I just started it so not much else to say.

     edit: Hard Boiled Angel, half way done and not so great. Maybe I'm desensitized but it just seems to try to be edgy without fully committing. I like the art style but the writing is very meh.

also reading the first volume of Dave Sim's "Cerebus the Ardvark", enjoying it so far.



Gherasim Luca "Self Shadowing Prey"
Kenneth Anger "Hollywood Babylon"


Johann von Goethe "Faust"
Comte de Lautreamont "Les Chants de Maldoror"