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Started by HongKongGoolagong, June 21, 2012, 05:05:55 PM

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Concerning the Dutroux/Victims: what kind of trouble has he had keeping it online?



Quote from: Mikerdeath on June 22, 2012, 06:29:03 AM
Lecture I attended from Dr.Steven Jones fired from Brown university for publishing about his "findings" regarding 9/11 breaking the laws of physics, more about "nanothermite powder" found in rubble and constantly referring to "Ground Zero" as a "Crime Scene." Interesting to say the least. No doubt in my mind that there were some sketchy things happening on that day regardless of who believes what.

Not trying to re-hash this topic, im not a person who follows conspiracy theories, I just want to follow up with my previous post with two articles.


9/11 is already like the JFK assassination - you could spend the rest of your life finding weird anomalies and driving yourself nuts.

The youtube preview of a supposed full-length film insulting Islam which has coincided with attacks on American embassies in Egypt and Libya has been in the news. And after reading this article, the only thread it could go in here is conspiracy theories:


Popular Mechanics magazine & National Geographic did excellant pieces debunking the 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Andrew McIntosh

Someone should do a documentary about "Professor" Griff. The bloke's hilarious. Have a look at one of his many rants on YouTube.
Shikata ga nai.


RIP Andrew Rowland aka infamous conspiracy messageboard insurrectionist Anders7777, whose thread on Jimmy Savile at David Icke has topped four million views and whose writings got hacked by an intelligence agency a number of years ago.



Checked out that Jimmy Saville thread a while ago, only made it through about ten pages though. I'll revisit it and check out those other links as well. Pretty great stuff.


I don't remember where I saw it but there's a theory than the CT shooter was part of a sleeper cell/psywarfare deal in order to get more gun control measures passed by the Government.


This seems like a nice place for my first post. Hi.

Yeah it looks like Obama is trying to get Americans to disarm.  Because it is obvious that dismantling gun law in the only country to be so completely obsessed with their right to own and use them is the final step towards rendering the whole of humankind defenseless and susceptible to a brutal imposition of totalitarian power.  Never mind how much of the rest of the world already copes without household firearms, or the amount of other weaponry that can be accessed or made.

A staggering lack of critical thinking is the true undoing of most conspiracy theory, not the oppression of some hidden hand.  A palpable culture seems to have developed around assuming some kind of structural evil must be behind every single world event yet none of the creative energy put into the supposed uncovering of this stuff ever appears to be channeled into questioning whether issues that effect life in America really translate into a fucking thing outside of that country.



Rigorous Intuition ( for the blog, no new articles for ages but some good reading. Messageboard is at with a handful of hardcore posters still active with varying degrees of interestingess/nuttiness) was a favorite of mine when I was still into this stuff back in the day (before it was cool hah) but I'm SO SICK of the 99.999...% garbage that is the conspiracy theory internet scene now, I burned out with too many utterly futile arguments with moon hoax and 9/11 guys over the years and in the process pretty much debunked myself on every popular theory.

HongKongGoolagong is a good article about the dangerous effect that the material rigint deals with had on a fragile person.

With wild-eyed conspiracy crazy sites, often the ARGs or wondering what the fuck you have found are the only fun part.There are a lot of strange and unexplained anomalies made by pranksters and professional trolls. Try searching for the T-Cell Gondii Network or TAPSCEO if you think your computer is safe or if you don't care anyway.


Truthers definitely are the worst. I like that old time Masonic/Illuminati mind control stuf, but in the eighteen or so years that I've been reading that kind of stuff, not much has ever stuck with me, though maybe that's PART OF THEIR PLOY!

I guess I like the idea of that kind of stuff a lot more than the actual material.

I'm more into collecting xeroxed flyers/wall posters/communiques that schizophrenic people post around town than any sort of "official" conspiracy theories, but it tends to be more just whacky Christianity than conspiracy per se. I just got some crazy booklets  by a christian on welfare who was mad that his friend wouldn't lend him any "dead trees" to get his haircut, and how his barber was really mad that he had to wait until the end of the month. Apparently, "between tomorrow she would not be "spending them" (i.e. USING THEM TO TAKE OPTIMISTIC ADVANTAGE OF OTHERS SLAVERY) in the meantime anyway!"
Mostly just a lot of ranting about "dead trees sitting in their banks", which he also calls "wooden devils taken out of a GD GREED MACHINE" (there are atms here called TD Green Machines) mixed with biblical verse and horribly drawn pictures of who i can only assume is jesus. Four stapled booklets that are mostly repetitive, but feature different aspects of how money is ruining his life.