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Started by HongKongGoolagong, June 21, 2012, 05:05:55 PM

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Is Angela Merkel Adolf Hitler's biological daughter ?

Various other web sites and youtibe vids


Quote from: RyanWreck on August 28, 2013, 07:12:39 PM
"The Israeli Mossad was responsible for the 9/11 hijackers:"

a classic of conspiracy freaks regarding 9/11 is the false claim that all jews working in the buildings were asked to stay home on that day.
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Founder of Krishna movement poisoned by agents of the illuminati (LOL)

more :
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Founder of Krishna movement poisoned by agents of the illuminati (LOL)

more :

The internecine power struggles with the Hare Krsna movement are always incredibly entertaining. I had a (free) subscription to "Back to Praphupada" magazine and it was the best thing to read while taking a nice long shit.
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Concave earth theory. I've never seen anyone else that believes this, but I'm sure they are many. We live on the inside of the earth, and god is inside a celestial octahedron. The sun is flat. The stars are tiny.

Watching this idiot draw is kind of hypnotizing though.
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Some recent conspiracy loonies are really behind the ball. There's a few stupid "reptilian" vids on YouTube that make a huge deal out of obviously out-of-focus video snippets, claiming them to be "proof" that there are people who are actually lizards. Surprisingly low intelligence even from this mob.

Lately I've been looking at a few Farrakhan videos and finding some interesting sample potential. He's recently banged on about Dianetics, for example. He doesn't seem to mind what he borrows from. What's interesting is there seems to be a lot of Black Americans who are circulating blatantly obvious conspiracy stuff and believing in it. Some interesting conclusions to draw from that I'd say.
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i have this blog that i use to collect old conspiracy theory 'documentaries' and maybe you guys would find something interesting here. it's almost all pre-9/11 stuff, like bill cooper at area 51, MKULTRA mind control, david icke, etc.


Quote from: theotherjohn on November 11, 2014, 02:12:34 PM
When I visited Harlem in New York a few years ago, I remember being awestruck by how many street stalls were set up selling NWO/conspiracy theory DVDs - seems like those who were once touting the 5% are now touting the 99%...

Nah, it's just that the sterling work done by Rza and the gang leaves people to move on to other issues :D

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best conspiracy theory ever!!!

Ha that's superb, thanks for sharing :)

This was definitely a beautiful way to start the day.  Love the completely free roving logic of these things and how they always lead to undeniable proof.

LHC = intricate, huge and super-modern science project exhaustively analysed for it's potential to be a contemporary interpretation of ritual technologies arguably employed in ancient civilisations for the purposes of interdimensional travel.

Hindu statues & sanskrit writing in the LHC headquarters = INVOCATIONS TO AID THE MAGJICK

This sort of thing and The Apprentice...Schadenfreude in 2014



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A few years back i once chanced upon a thread on a forum (possibly a charlie manson forum) . I lost around 4 hours reading what i can only describe as the most in depth, total lunatic, mental illness style theory that connected Manson, Elvis and The Beatles, really indepth shit such as "Elvis said cat on 1/3/55, if you add those numbers up and divied them by John lennons shoe size it makes the same number as the exact number of times Sharon tate was stabbed" - this would be accompanied by various links, photo's documents to prove said theory.

It was very, very long.

And sadly i cant find it.