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Started by Peterson, July 29, 2013, 10:46:49 PM

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I've been a junky and user of other drugs for years, like, I was a meth head in my teen years, and just speed generally for a really long time, and I've never stolen anyone's VCR, or relied on.the proceeds of crime to fund my many habits, besides dealing.

These days I'm mostly an alcoholic, though I'm reliant on methadone, which is hell.


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I was actually referring to the real needle park in Zurich (ch) which will be definitely part of one of my next works!

But yeah! Damn great movie. Pacino superb.

Ohhh I see.

Do you still consider yourself Straight Edge, tove?

sure, too late to change habits at 40 ehehe we'll see when I will reach real middle life crisis ;)
I am no longer involved with that scene at the moment, although I still have many friends from the good ol' days... not my priority at the moment although I find VERY interesting the degeneration of many scenes.
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Eating marijuana is a decent alternative. I understand one somehow distills the THC from the weed by slowly cooking it in oil, then using the oil in food. I've had cakes a couple of times made (by others) in this manner, and the results were interesting - more of a "body stone" rather than effecting the mind, longer to come on of course, but then longer lasting.
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Was big into Heroin and Oxycontin/Morphine/Opioids

Ever use them for ritual/occult purposes?

You may be joking or not, but actually, yes I had. Back when I was in my early 20's I was involved with the OTO and the A.'.A.'. and used opiates to achieve a "nod", basically going in and out of consciousness, to "scry". A lot of the time when you first begin using H or whatever heavily your subconscious, or whatever you wanna call it, will bring shit up while you are half asleep. I remember my girlfriend would always hate when I was nodding out when she was trying to sleep because I would randomly yell weird shit out, in a half dreaming state.

I don't practice the occult anymore and really don't care to much for the practice, even though there are certain things that were odd that happened, the "proof" of these things weren't substantial enough for me to find any benefit with continuing.


The only drug I ever tried was weed. And that was only three times, each time while drinking beer. First two times, I didn't feel a thing, third time, which was last year, I felt dizzy and sick for 10 minutes, then it was over and that was the only effect it had on me, as far as I know.
Never tried other drugs, because I was always too scared for addiction. Bit stupid when I think about it now, but I also feel it's a bit late to start trying shit now (I'm 28 and have a kid, doesn't seem ideal to start experimenting).

As for the discussion whether caffeine is a drug or not, for me it definately is. I don't like coffee and almost never drink Cola, so nearly no caffeine intake. When I do drink Cola, I get a headache, at least that was the case a couple of years ago. The weird thing is that I do sometimes drink Cola after I had beer (even if only one or two) and then I don't get a headache. Which is good for going to gigs, where they often only have beer, Cola and water.

Alcohol is the only thing I do, but most often in moderation, don't drink too much at home, when I go to gigs, it's mostly me driving, so I only have two beers. Then whenever I go to a pub or a gig in Antwerp, I get hammered, hehe.


Yes, weed never had any good effect on me either. Also, I mostly associated it w/ the type of people I didn't like - hippy-type layabouts - so I certainly didn't want to get into their groove.
As you say, drugs when you're a parent is really not on. However, before I became one, I did have fun w/ a bit of E, speed, coke, mushrooms. That was in my twenties, but after 30 the hangovers just get too bad to be dealing with! And that's another reason I hardly ever get drunk anymore - from being a pretty heavy drinker at the time. God, I even gave up the fags then, too! Funny, when I was on the cigarettes, I couldn't stand a cigar at all. Now I enjoy the odd cigar, but couldn't smoke a fag!


well if it was good stuff you should've been put on your arse and are nodding out not being able to do fuck all let alone get all 'ritualistic' about it! tolerance builds up of course though ...


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well if it was good stuff you should've been put on your arse and are nodding out not being able to do fuck all let alone get all 'ritualistic' about it! tolerance builds up of course though ...

Yea, I definitely had a tolerance as I was using Heroin and/or OC's daily for over 8 years before finally getting on Methadone. The dose of Methadone I eventually settled in at was 150mg daily which reflects had retarded and high my tolerance was at the time. I never tried plugging, I never understood why people did anything other than IV, it's such a huge waste as the bioavailability of anything other than slamming is lower than 90%.


Poppers, nobody?

Just weed, perfect chillout with good music & nice company....mild weed, not the fucked-up powerfull stuff they started growing. But that was years ago, now it's just alcohol. Had a lot of friends venture into speed and/or E, looked like fun but i never tried it because i didn't like the endless paranoïa idea.....


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Poppers, nobody?

I sniffed that fagdrug once or twice. A friend of mine had a bottle. It just made my face red.
Is it for anything else than fuckin or jerking it? It didnt feel like something I would want to do on the regular and we werent fucking, just sitting around and listening to music. It didnt enhance that too much.

a funny drug anecdote I remember: there were still official military amphetamine and heroin pills in street use during the 60s or even later.. The last war they were in use I can think of ended in 1945.

Is it called nitrus or something when you inhale the metal cartridge? That trend showed up here some time ago. There were stores that sold that stuff. They cracked down on it now, I didnt have a chance to try it


Poppers go well with tonal ambient music. Especially high pitched. They make the sound dip in and out and feel closer to the center of your head. It goes away really fast, which is desirable. The only drugs that have a positive effect on music are alcohol and marijuana, heroin makes me too nauseous to even enjoy the buzz, cocaine makes me admire poor work. Speed makes me want to take a VCR apart, not work on audio. The hallucinogens are too unpredictable.

In general I'm pro-drug, I think as an earlier poster said, meth is the most destructive. I've done meth twice, but both times lasted multiple days, and I truly understand how people go so low so fast on the stuff. Crack is too expensive to get that far gone, for very long at least. Not that it doesn't destroy lives. Heroin I hate. Its not out of ignorance, I just feel like I'm going to vomit the entire time and never get past that long enough for euphoria, I still wind up doing heroin a few times every year, due to an inability to say no to free drugs. Every time I do it I remember why I don't. Same with acid.

I drink a decent amount of beer every two or three days and smoke pot maybe once a week, when already drunk, to enhance how something I'm listening to is sounding.

I like this forum.

Dr Alex

I just tried to smoke weed three time. I never smoke cigarettes so I don't know how to smoke it properly. Fuck it all!
Loud music is my drug!


i used to always feel "i need to take (drug name here) to make music" so for many years all recordings were done that way(not only in noise but punk bands ect) now with months clean everything is alot more enjoyable. during the last couple months of using i would get high(off what ever) and never record or couldnt make anything "good".fuck experimenting with drugs. fuck locking yourself away because your using drugs all day.


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Same problem here, I 've never smoked so always had trouble keeping the smoke IN.

I should start doing a line of speed before a bike ride. I'd be really, really fast. Smoke those skinny, spandex-wearin' assholes!

You wouldn't want to ride your bike, you'd just take it apart and put it back together 30 times and then clean it.


I used to love biking on meth when I was a kid, I'd do it for like 24 hours straight all the time. Not mountain biking though, but I imagine that it'd help you with focusing on the terrain and what have you, but, yeah, you might get stuck in a loop of taking it apart and putting it back together again if you're not careful. 

I used to go bomb this hill that went all through my shitty little hometown on my skateboard over and over again on meth as a kid, sometimes for days on end. I was a better skateboarder on meth than I was at any other time when I tried to skateboard, better than on ritalin, or any other drug. Don't think I ever tried sober.