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Started by Peterson, July 29, 2013, 10:46:49 PM

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I'm also located in a state where weed is legal, although the best part about legalization in this state is the fact that it made black market prices plummet. Subsequently because of the legalization now droves and droves of upper middle class and trust fund kids are now moving out here and gentrifying everything causing the cost of living out here to sky rocket. Literally over the course of one year. It's pretty fascinating...

The first time I ever tried salvia it was around 2004, it was the 40x extract and it was one of the first 'religious' experiences I've ever had, complete out of body experience and I couldn't remember what my name was, who I was, where I was, what gender I was, what species I was, and I remember being able to see 360 degrees whilst looking down at my body and everything. Other then DMT one of the most powerful and overwhelming 10 minutes of my life.

Other then heroin speed has to be one of the worst drugs EVER to do regularly or to be addicted to. No other drug has affected or changed my personality as much as stimulants. And the guy who said he lost all of his hair, teeth and weight is an ultimate example why....it's definitely not worth it at all, and it turns you into a complete mongoloid retard. Like all drugs, moderation and careful use with that stuff is essential.

Fluid Fetish

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Quote from: Fluid Fetish on January 08, 2017, 10:05:28 PM
Like all drugs, moderation and careful use with that stuff is essential.

Being in my mid to late forties, I'm very careful.  I never did drugs in my youth other than a few times.  I'll do an edible maybe once a month and only when I'm home and not going anywhere.  I like to be listening to music when I do.  I am able to hear much more.  Sounds and instruments buried in the mix come to the forefront.  Always have a pleasurable experience or I wouldn't do it.  It's not like you can OD on cannabis anyway.  Alcohol (beer) is my drug of choice and I know it's worse for me than cannabis.

I was primarily talking about the 'harder' drugs/alcohol and not cannabis, I think maybe you misunderstood me. Everyone has different mileage anyway.

Much like Peterson I also grew up with a parent that was completely immersed in the drug world and substance abuse so I've seen the absolute limits and lowest bottom of the barrel behavior that can come from choosing such a lifestyle. Addicts are indeed some of the worst forms of human beings one can encounter, so being exposed to that at a young age left a strong impression on me. I'm also against modern rehabilitation programs as I believe that completely avoiding a substance and constantly fighting against an urge to consume it is just as bad as being addicted.  I've known several people that completed addiction programs or attend AA meetings and they're just as broken and miserable as before when they were using. Their lives are a constant obsessive struggle to avoid using. To me that is willingly choosing to lead a life of enslavement just like an addiction, truly a living hell. On the other hand I also know a few people it has worked for, but they seem to be the exception to the rule.

This never stopped me from exploring substances myself and having a variety of experiences over the years. Even though Peterson will want to kill me for admitting this when I was young I partially funded my college education by dealing since I grew up poor and was able to do so without getting arrested, addicted, or getting into too many violent situations. It's far too complex and personal of an issue to address on a forum (but never the less an interesting one) and as I've gotten older I've found that I know what works for me, how it works, and when and that's all that is really relevent to me to be honest. Alcohol doesn't interest me at all outside of a very occasional session of social drinking but even that is rare, the effects that I've seen that alcohol and stimulants have on people and what they do for me personally makes them mostly useless to me, all the more so that these are usually the most popular drugs for a reason - idiots. Not to say that everyone that drinks or does stimulants is a moron, it's just that what these substances provide usually appeals to people who shouldn't be doing drugs in the first place. This is why solitary and controlled hallucinogens where always my favored indulgence when I was younger. I even went through phases of binging on substances, both hallucinogens and other chemicals, and using them constantly and never had a hard time walking away from them. Aside from one or two exceptions, drugs have been nothing but positive and constructive for me personally but I definitely don't expect that to be the case for everyone.

All the moral and ethical stances on drugs don't really mean anything to me to be honest and I couldn't care less about its effects on society when the modern occidental world is so degenerative already, drugs are only one aspect or sliver of a much bigger problem in my opinion especially here in the US. Given that there is pretty clearly a mental health crisis in the western world, especially in the US since the problems are exacerbated by a healthcare system that prioritizes profit over everything else (hence why pain pills where EVERYWHERE until a few years ago when the DEA finally cracked down leading to tons of people to turn to heroin but you could list examples endlessly here), it's pretty clear that most people have absolutely no business with street drugs or even hallucinogens since humans probably shouldn't be doing drugs unless they're physically and mentally healthy. I don't think most people in the modern world fall into at least one or neither of the categories needless to say.

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there are many examples of those opening the doors of perception only to try to close them again-this includes other than psychedelic drugs in my experience.
those doors are not easily closed and often alcohol is used to try to shut down the open-John balance, Jim Morrison etc and likely myself.
drugs are not just a problem of hedonism/addiction but also perception.

david lloyd jones

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fuck THIS guy!

no matter how many drugs you gave me, I just couldn't, sorry

david lloyd jones

there are recent ul articles about microdosing as regards lsd, along similar lines.


Had a 3 day ayahuasca ceremony this weekend in the woods. As for the times before when I had aya, it was outside, with some couple friends, walking around or so, so it's been completely different now. Drinking it after the sun goes down and sitting in a completely dark room with all the windows covered and no light. No distractions, despite how you would want them - just you yourself against yourself. It was guided by the shaman from Shipibo tribe Peru and his three apprentices of 5 years. Visuals, insights into yourself etc. And very intense. Absolutely it's not for the faint hearted I'd say. There was a guy, all cheerful and happy, said he has no problems, and arrived just for fun and experience. He left the very next morning, saying it was not for him. Other silent guy went crazy the third night, starting yelling to fuck off, give his life back, etc. (later he told that he had 6 devil-like beasts trying to eat him from outside and couldn't bare it.). So the third night was the most intense. The guy who was sitting next to me, we talked with him just before the third ceremony, he asked if I every feel any fear or anxiety after drinking it. I said yes of course. He said he never feels any fear at all. He felt it some years ago when he had problems in his personal life, and now - no. Doing tai chi during days or sleeping etc. After the third night started, he went away, took his car, drove away, police stopped him, took him to a hospital, and he showed where the ayahuasca ceremony was happening so the police came, but they were unbelievably good. They just asked if everyone is feeling ok, if we knew that ayahuasca is illegal in Lithuania, and went away. I guess the most interesting visual things to bring out of all this weekend was the visual when putting my hands together as if for prayer, fingers started becoming roots of a huge tree and it started growing up, and when it grows, I feel very weak, then all it melts away. And once again, whenever some bad trip is starting to happen, I just listen to icaros, putting hands together, the tree grows and it feels safe and secure.
I wouldn't say it's great experience, but the aftermath is absolute calmness and center in oneself. Still need time to digest and process all this.



Talking about the dangers of pot, I could die if I take it (that is to say I'm allergic to it, hippies) because I have nerve damage almost inside my brain and I take heavy nervous system relaxants (pot also being a (different kind of) nervous system relaxant). I can take speed and mushrooms though.
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Scromiting - is that a new craze like dabbing or planking?

You can tell an article is going to be reactionary Daily Mailery if they refer to pot as "cannabis"