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Just heard these brothers (Deche Charge) thought I share:
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Bleak Existence

DC is the oldest noisecore from where i live province of quebec and with AC influenced Inaudible my noisecore bands in 92 now that's good memories ...


Quote from: Bleak Existence on July 17, 2016, 03:30:10 PM
DC is the oldest noisecore from where i live province of quebec and with AC influenced Inaudible my noisecore bands in 92 now that's good memories ...

They're awesome, funny too.
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How long has everyone been listening to another of my  new discoveries?
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holy ghost

Disleksic are fucking awesome. They even have a split with Deche-Charge!!

They did a split flexi with Sete Star Sept that was aces.


Quote from: FreakAnimalFinland on July 05, 2016, 04:59:39 PM
ATAQUE DEMENCIAL "Enslavos De La Realidad" tape
I probably said before, but it is amusing how there is much of the same guys in noisecore who always was there. Not sure if Ataque Demencial is something new, but I assume it is probably just Genital Masticator related (just a guess..) Spanish noisecore. Fast as fuck. Despite you hear snare is very quite gravityblast, it reminds of good old days of early Tumor demos, Exterminio Brutal demos or Anal Cunt in its first forms. Just insanely fast snare torment, almost harsh noise like noise on top. Vocals are there, but no upfront screaming. Among the very best noisecore tapes of recent times. At the same time traditional, but also notch of experimentation because it doesn't seem to rely on basic guitar/bass sound as much as feedback and such? Especially in 2nd session. But nothing what would make it artsy. Tape consist two sessions from 2016, which is nice as it gives some variation to sound. I know RONF titles may be hard to get at this moment, but if any chance, go for this!

Cool review! I also dig up this tape. It's great to see old noisecore veterans still have enthusiasm for noisecore, after 20+ years. By the way, ENERGUMENO show here in Novi Sad was total blast! They were a highlight of the festival! I'll post a pictures later.. also UNPEACE, NAPALM DEATH IS DEATH, CHAPPA'AI, ATENTAT NA SLUH, CUNTS, PISSDEADS and lots more, not only noisecore.

P.S. Can someone help me to get KALI YUGA NOISE tape? I talked with Niko, but he told me they are already sold out. Limited only to 100 copies.


Quote from: Zeno Marx on July 05, 2016, 08:49:49 PM

I was surprised to find out Atrofia Cerebral are still active.  Two CDs and half of a 7" worth of material in 2015.  Even with some production, they're very good.

SPHC has a good roster of upcoming records.

Is that NOISE LP out? I couldn't find it on the website of that SPHC label, no info.. Or I'm blind haha? I hope some European distros will get a copies. Postage from USA to Europe is insane + customs taxes...

holy ghost

I don't think it's out until later this summer, same with the Sete Star Sept LP


Urine Festival - Of A Hermaphroditic Enema & An Urophilic Pissparty Pleasure

Total pornocore; porno-noisegrind if you will!!

Those are 'toilet harmonised vocals' btw

Thoughts? Novel, huh?
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Quote from: narcolepsia on July 08, 2016, 02:02:57 PM


poço009 – DESCARGA NOCIVA "DESOLACIÓN TOTAL / TRISTE FUTURO" C60 (in conspiracy with Sodomistic Rituals Prods)
Historic archive of peruvian grind-noise containing all material ever recorded by the band (both 1990 demos, "Desolación Total" and "Triste Futuro", as well as 3 rehearsals recorded between 1992 and 1993) that will satisfy those craving for the classic ruthless south american sound. Expect nothing but orthodox primitivism. NO PROGRESS.

Edition of 75.

5.00 € + postage

No trades on this one, sorry. Wholesale is possible.

Orders : doofundoodoo @

Looking forward to get this tape!

By the way, here are some pictures from our festival in Novi Sad, Serbia...


UNPEACE (Finland)




MALAD (Ukraine)



Viina ja hiki haisee


Sete Star Sept are the fucking balls:

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... Here's hoping

Sanity's Dawn:

Much more on the grindcore end of noisecore but excellent stuff I thought, enjoy!

Here's something more true to this thread's intent, I hope you enjoy it too.

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Just in case somebody hasn't heard it (plus pornographic photographs of vaginas on youtube!!):
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