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Rules short version:


Rules long version:

This section of board is reserved for discussion, information, recommendations and such, related to genres covered by SPECIAL INTEREST magazine: Power Electronics, industrial, noise, experimental, avantgarde, ambient, and related. It can cross over to other genres briefly, yet if you wish to discuss about punk, doom, black metal or whatever, there are other forums for that. There has been accepted to have one topic per other genres of music (black metal, punk, death metal, etc). If you wish to talk about such music styles, do not open more topics about them, but post on the existing one. If by mistake you open new, it's likely topics will be merged by admin.

Discussion can also cover culture, politics, art, other themes related to these genres, but note that there is separate section for SPECIAL INTERESTS ART DISCUSSION for predominantly non-musical content. But also in this section, discussion doesn't have to stay on exclusively sound/music only due special nature of these genres.

Forum can be even heavily moderated if necessary. Do not waste time on posting unnecessary bullshit what takes over topics from the matter itself. Criticism and humor is welcomed, but don't let this board fall into utter nonsense like so many boards do.

This section of forum is no longer to be used to sell releases of your label or band unless it naturally fits along some discussion. For announcing new releases, there is section called NEW RELEASES ANNOUNCEMENTS. For selling 2nd hand stuff, putting small distro lists, etc. use CLASSIFIEDS section of the board. Both found under ANNOUNCEMENTS section.

-Any discussion related to on-topic music & culture IS accepted. This includes controversial topics, what may or may not offend some forum users. There is no cencorship based on opinion, political or other. Users of board are free to express themselves when behaving civilized manner. Possibility of removing messages in entirely at moderators decision.


-Try to stay away from useless oneliners. If all you got to say to some topic would be something you wouldn't want to read, then don't regurgitate such posts here.
(example: someone posts link, and you reply "thanks dude".)

-Blatant off-topic discussion what doesn't fit into any of the categories or covered music styles. There is no MISC section. There is no MISC MUSIC section. To discuss / chat about unrelated topics, choose other forum of your interest.

-Creating the usual scene drama
(example: you bring your useless scene beef's into forum.)

-Topics transforming into personal insults or offensive insults made for no other purpose than cause and take part in "flame wars".

-This is no picture board. Avoid posting pics and funny pics, unless it is absolutely mandatory for topic.

-Linking to illegal material online

-Using for illegal behavior such as doxxing

-Spamming forum with unrelated material and spamming wrong sections of forum.

-If you do not have any NOISE POSTING, and you come here only to post about trivial garbage like "current american politics" or similar, you may be kicked out. Facebook and other platforms are more suitable for that.

If there are some problems with the policy of forum, you can express yourself via PM directly to moderator.
If there are people who seem to clearly violate forum guidelines, report them to moderator.
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