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Quote from: FEAR_GOD on October 15, 2018, 05:58:57 AM
Torturecide-S/T, Slaughter Productions
I love this CD. Iconic artwork to fit some heavy fucking sounds. Pulsating, rhythmic synth work, and brutal vocals that blend perfectly. The samples set the tone for the pummeling drum machine loops, just imagine skulls crushed beneath tanks. Really controlled and precise heavy electronics but it's still chaotic enough sonically for that raw PE edge. Extra crude vocals bursting thru static synth tones. From start to finish engaging and unrelenting just too fucking short. Still trying to track down "The Gospel Of Force" reissue on Finders. Hit me up if you got a copy. "YOU WILL SUFFER LIKE ALL THE OTHERS. I HAVE A RIGHT TO ERASE YOU FROM MY MEMORY." **** 1/2

Hit up Chad Davis himself.

Gospel... is a little different if you haven't heard it. Just as great though.

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Quote from: FEAR_GOD on October 15, 2018, 05:58:57 AM

Gnawed/Ligature Impression-Split, Maniacal Hatred
Flat out Gnawed is underrated and overlooked. There are many projects that attempt to do what he does and do a bad job at it yet still get a lot of play. I don't know why (American)? Anyways, Gnawed's side of the split is awesome. Heavy, atmospheric, and calculated Death Industrial. Expertly crafted and sounds huge on a good system.  The Ligature Impression is just as good. This was a great pairing. Ligature Impression is bringing that same heavy and atmospheric vibe but it just feels a bit more filthy. Great synth work and the vocals are fucking disturbing. Also recommended is the lathe that came out a month or so ago on Hex Lathes. Good shit all around. *** 1/2

one of my most favorite tapes in recent memory, without a doubt

Major Carew

Concrete Mascara - 'Decay Sequence' tape (Unrest Productions)

Got this from Mr CM himself, just the right length (I think around c20?) the material is probably his best that i've heard. Minimal yet claustrophobic at the same time, the psychotic vocals on the B side plus the 'blown out' sound and 'in the red' clipping type approach don't usually work for me but for a short sharp couple of sides of a tape it's just right.

XX Committee - 'Steel Negro Music' CD (Trash Ritual)

Had this on repeat for a couple of weeks after not listening for a long time. Hypnotic & grim. This one gets more play here than 'Network' though that one has some great sounds on it too.

Maurizio Bianchi - 'Gene P' CDR (Menstrual Recordings)

Along with the XX Committee i've been listening to this is another one for a great example of how you can do a lot with little. I've been working on more tape loops of late & this provides much inspiration. I remember hearing this a few years ago & not liking it, but I guess my taste has changed. MB is hit and miss for me but this is one of his best. The more muddy , rotten and distant MB gets the more I like, the much harsher and minimal stuff not so much.

Maurizio Bianchi 'The Plain Truth' CD (EEsT Records)

My favourite kind of MB material, not so harsh, all kinds of things going on but with a clear direction. Nice long tracks.Every time I hear it it's as if it's updated itself from last time. I really like how EEsT present their CDs here with not quite an OBI but an extra outer wrap type thing with and extra panel & minimal texturing, very nice!

Tervahäät 'Noitanaama' CD (Anima Artica)

Got it from one of the Tervahäät chaps a while back but only started listening properly recently. Great stuff! I was shown their 'Patria' CD whilst in Oulu this summer and sounded even better so have to pick that one up. Perfect music for this time of year.


Damn, the Veprisuicida re-issue CDs on IR are great! I didn't listen to much else on the last two days. Just those four disks on repeat.


Quote from: cr on October 20, 2018, 03:29:50 PM
Damn, the Veprisuicida re-issue CDs on IR are great! I didn't listen to much else on the last two days. Just those four disks on repeat.

It's slightly awkward to honk your own horn for attention, but of course I had very little to do with these so I can 100% agree. Material was not remastered. Artwork was not re-visioned. Just hoping to keep everything as 1:1 with A.L.F.'s old visions. While one can file these under almost prototype what could be "industrial noise", it is almost totally unlike anyone else. Can't really name anyone now - or then, who was doing material like these. Pressings are not huge, so probably won't be available forever.
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Straight Arm Salute - Pelkää Viha CD
This has been on constant rotation since I got it. Extremely hateful stuff with brilliant vocal performance and simple but effective sounds. The beautiful simplicity reminds me of DEATHKEY's "Doctrine of Intolerant Hatred" to a certain extent. The artwork may be a little bit over the top, but I guess it's part of the charm. Always nice to see PE acts with authentic political stances and not just provocation / cultural analysis mumbo jumbo which always makes it less fun for me.

Sickness - Mudlark CD
I have always ignored Sickness for some reason. Absolutely no negative feelings about him, just always slipped through the cracks without any malicious intent from my side. This CD floored me instantly. Ultimate harshness, great arrangements, piercing frequencies and all that goodness. Reminds me of contemporary masters of harshness in regard to crisp and brutal sound.

Atrax Morgue - Black Slaughter Tape

Referring to the tape from the Urashima Ikea box. I had a very bad impression of the tape quality when I first played these, so I was hesitant to revisit. The Sound wasn't quite as bad as remembered, but still a bit muffled with very noticeable hiss. The material itself is part of Corbelli's less easily consumable output. Lots of samples, almost no movement in the synthlines, but packs great atmosphere and overall feeling.

Contagious Orgasm / Caligula031 - Non-Consensual Tape
First of all, I am one of those (few?) people who also appreciate CO's newer sounds, even though I wouldn't even see them as Noise or Industrial - at least not fully. C031 has always been great. So it doesn't surprise me that this tape works incredibly well. Best parts are the tracks on side A where the sound composition is simply great. Not very harsh in the sense of distortion and dynamics, but densely layered and atmospheric. Marco's vocals are as emotional as ever and fit 100%. Track 3 is deginitely a standout. Side B lost me a bit, but also has great parts, for example when the drum loops kick in during the last third.


Terror Cell Unit - Psalm 137:9 - a monster of an album. received my copy early last week but didn't get a chance to listen to it until this weekend. strong contender for record of the year right now. aggressive snyths, brutal vocals, everything is in your face as you to expect from TCU but this record takes it to another level.
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Zyklon SS - Moral War 10" - surprised this hasn't been reviewed yet here! absolutely the best thing so far from ZSS. the a-side is perfect. an excellent sample to start which blends right into the main synth of the track. a very rugged and  raw take on heavy electronics. dirt caked, rusted stuff. the b-side is just as good. slow moving dread, dogged martial percussion, drowned vocal narration. essential stuff!


Arv & Miljö - Svensk sommar i stilla frid LP

Not what i expected and that's probably a good thing. Mellow synth drones and progressions with the occasional field recording and
spoken word blended in. I've played this 3 times in a row already. I totally love this.


Linekraft ‎– Apocalypse Factory CD - by some weird coincidence, I've listened to this album twice on a way to a funeral. first in March, right after I bought it, and now again last night. an odd choice perhaps but it felt right. funerals aside, I prefer the second half of the album starting with "Apocalypse Factory-2". I appreciate the constantly churning mixture of noise generators, metal abuse, bass crunches and distortion. I've said it before, but this is THE alternative soundtrack to Tetsuo: The Iron Man.

Linekraft ‎– Delusional Disorder CD - a bit more focused than the earlier works, but not quite as refined as Apocalypse Factory. a surprisingly cohesive album feel despite the fact it's really a compilation of tracks from 2 years.

at this point I own maybe half to 2/3rds of Linekraft's discography and I've yet to pick up a release that doesn't satisfy. excited for forthcoming album on Hospital!


Atrox Petis - 12th Cell C60
Very minimal dark ambient (even more so than the new Gnawed full-length on No Rent). Slow, almost still waves of murky and echoed synths with distant rumbling , metal sounds and effected field recordings in the background. Very well pulled off and keeps the feeling of impending dread intact without becoming tedious nor doing too much thus keeping it very catatonic. Top stuff.  Packaging is nice too with some rusted relics in a zip bag.


Gnawed / Ligature Impression split tape
Very strong material from Gnawed, this is my preferred approach from him. Really blown out and constantly battering with the vocals buried in the mix.

Jarl - Negative Rotation / Intensive Fracture
These recordings I've always found very inspiring and some of my favourite works from Jarl. Glad someone collected them on one CD. Only downside is the choice of packaging.


Woke up, made a coffee and listened to Unsustainable Social Condition with Wood And Metal [Angst] and Fecalove - Europe is my cum-rag [Joy De Vivre] tapes.

The first is a full energy harsh noise blast. C20 duration seems ideal for this type of material, although i hate to admit it cause i dont like short tapes. Very good and i need to check more of these projects.

Fecalove's, 2 lengthier tracks, slower moving, a droney and a noise mud. Nothing that really stands out or something that you will particularly remember but a tape that when you play it you will listen to it. I did. And that's something that seems far easier than it actualy happens.
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Quote from: FallOfNature on November 05, 2018, 04:21:57 AM
Gnawed / Ligature Impression split tape
Very strong material from Gnawed, this is my preferred approach from him. Really blown out and constantly battering with the vocals buried in the mix.

Jarl - Negative Rotation / Intensive Fracture
These recordings I've always found very inspiring and some of my favourite works from Jarl. Glad someone collected them on one CD. Only downside is the choice of packaging.

seconded concerning Gnawed, my favourite among his releases
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Various  ‎– How Terrorists Kill
A great compilation covering various approaches and mostly of high quality. Highlights are Macronympha, Wertham, ASP, Grey Wolves and Operation Cleansweep. Does anyone know much about ASP? I've always wanted to hear the lone tape they put out but it's impossible to find even as mp3 version.

Slogun  ‎– Hunting Humans
Strongest release from Slogun to these ears. Sounds are dense and the atmosphere is unsettling. The vocals aren't upfront like other albums I've heard, but buried in the mix and distant.

Ex.Order - Shuchu Ryoku
I dismissed this as average at first but with further listens I've warmed up to it. Tracks 3-4 are real standouts, great use of layering.