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False Mirror - Derelict World CD - decent dark ambient though didn't quite get into it. maybe because it was morning.

Phelios - Astral Unity CD - I liked this one more. Dark ambient with some rhythmic parts and overall not too abstract.

Rita, The + Wilt - Werewolf In The Black Space - good album, good noise.

Bastard Noise - Our Earth's Blood IV - forgot about this release and just yesterday listened to. a very nice compilation/album or however it should be called.

Xiphoid Dementia - Might Is Blight - a couple of times enjoyed relistening to this very good CD.

Goatvargr - Black Snow Epoch - never was too much into all that Nordvargr stuff, but this one is rather nice industrial album. I like it.


Sewer Election - Sex/Death (CD, PACrec): 3 tracks of Harsh Noise, first two last 15min, last one 30min. Not much special to say about it, sounds like decent harsh noise to me. Second track is a more subdued track, with more bass sounds and less high pitch, which makes it less extreme, but more brooding, like this stuff.

Navicon Torture Technologies - The Gospels of the Gash (2CD, Malignant Records): Quite a monolithic release, with both CDs lasting around 70min. Mixture of Dark Ambient/Death Industrial, so some tracks are calmer, while others are a bit more extreme. All sounds rather clean, no really filthy stuff, but that's definately no bad case here. Some parts remind me a bit of Steel Hook Prostheses, but I guess it's actually the other way around, since NTT started earlier. Great layout, by the way!

Cryptic Winds - Storms of the Black Millenium (CD, Breath Of Night/Merciless): Extreme, fast black metal with a drumcomputer and lots of effects on the vocals. This is definately among my favourite bm releases. Feels to me like one of the most aggressive albums, there is. I also like the intermezzo's as well. Altogether this has a very strong (post-)nuclear apocalypse feeling, which gives it, next to the aggression also a desolate feeling.


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Alfarmania - Over Europe 2010 tape

Where'd you get that one?


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Quote from: Ritual on January 14, 2011, 08:49:19 PM
Alfarmania - Over Europe 2010 tape

Where'd you get that one?
Got it from the band when they played in Stockholm a few weeks ago. It is a selection of live tracks from various shows at their Europe tour earlier last year.


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Quote from: Ritual on January 14, 2011, 08:49:19 PM
Alfarmania - Over Europe 2010 tape

Where'd you get that one?
Got it from the band when they played in Stockholm a few weeks ago. It is a selection of live tracks from various shows at their Europe tour earlier last year.

I know, I organized one of those shows, hehe.
I see. It's not for sale at any other mailorder unfortunately, hopefully that will change soon.


Raymond Dijkstra "L'opus ch" LP
So what's good thing about this 'zine called Special Interests? I'd say it expands (my) view on what to spend money on. Dijkstra was utterly unknown figure to me, before contributor offered interview etc. I liked what I was reading and communicated a bit and found artist selling his self financed LP for pretty good price. No regrets. I guess better review to be found from past issues of SI, but I could say I like the way this has plenty of "air" in the sound. Lots of things happen and some of the sounds are rotten and damaged, yet one couldn't talk about "noise" in same sentence. Audio collage of wide variety of sounds and instruments, which seems relatively loosely put together and sometimes plays with dynamic range very well, sometimes feels like artists doesn't aim to sound "professional" what comes to choice of sounds/effects. Not "academic", more just underground art.

Current 93 looney runes. I have probably talked enough of C93 in this topic. STILL yet to start VOD box materials, but been circulating it like fly around turd, but after all picking up everything else from my collection to listen, or re-listen. Apocalyptic folk and goofy experimental music with very unique approach.

Nocturno Culto - music for movie Misanthrope. Happened to get 2nd hand CD to my shop, and while eating lunch, I decided to take a look how the movie is. Before that, I did listen the "20 minutes of new exclusive music" presented on disc two. If one wants to hear THE crappiest material with so little ideas, basically anything would be better, check out this. Imagine guy, with relatively cheap multi-effect pedal, trying to get some delay/reverb and line-in distortion work for the brainless guitar sounds. It tries to be some sort of experimental music, but turns out to be like first attempt to try out couple bad pedals and failing. Still promotional sticker has the pompous text of "new exclusive compositions". He had to compose THESE?
Combine that with few moments of cheapest bedroom metal riffing and vocals via distortion box making no sense. Words don't do justice how shit this is. And, it is big dvd size "superpack" with dvd movie and audio cd on Peaceville! What the fuck?! So what is the "movie" then? Nothing really. It's like home video footage of short clips of fishing, biking, skiing, going to rehearsals, some bands playing live. Nocturno Culto signing Aura Noir to his label and guys then drinking and smoking while playing chinese chess in cabin. Nothing looks good visually. Nothing is edited in good way and most of all, nothing just makes sense. Things this covers, it's like 30 seconds of Darkthrone rehearsing. 60 seconds of aura noise live in some rock club. Nocturno Culto driving car to rehearsals and Fenriz saying "I haven't bough new cymbals for years". And that's the substance of this... ehm, it says "movie", yet it isn't really. It's not really document either. It's more of collection of video diaries which has no value to outsider. Avoid like plague!

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Hal Hutchinson - Amplifications (3"CDr, Der Bunker Records): Wanted to check out his noise work, after listening to Taste of Iron. Totally different of course, but good noise stuff. Maybe nothing extraordinary, but just a good 17min track of Harsh Noise.

Concrete Isolation Box - Love Under Steel And Concrete (CDr, self released) and self-titled tape (C30, Disease Foundry): Got this in a trade for my NATH demo, and it's definately a good trade! I like the tape a bit more than the CDr. In general a mixture of harsh noise and power electronics tracks, sparse use of (effected) vocals, which are good, all sounds rather crude and lo-fi, but it's well structured. Interesting discovery for me, at least.


Oscillating Innards - Grey Variables 12"
BT.HN - Vitiated lp
Bizarre Uproar - Unsafe and Insane lp
Incapacitants - Tight lp

All Dogma Chase releases. I adore Incapacitants yet Tight must be one of their lesser works, sound is too sharp (digital?) and noise not as dense as in their best recordings. All others top quality, considering both music and artwork. Not too similar to each other, BT.HN being my favourite of this bunch. I'm not sure if its a radiowave manipulation or what, but the end result is strong and warm sounding noise. Not too many things hapening at same time, not too intense in terms of speed or movement yet the sound makes Vitiated very pleasent to listen to.
Noise & other underground reviews in Finnish:


Altar Of Flies - Sacred Trails, 7" +CDr
Volcanic Slut - Blasphemaster, 7"
Nate Young - Regression, CD
White - Tormented, tape
No Balls - Less, LP


Haters "Further" CD, commented elsewhere.. while there is this major backbone of crackling static noise, under it goes huge amount of cinematic industrial sounds. Movie soundtrack stuff? Electronic beats, screams, swirling electronics. etc. It holds some of the characteristics of "HNW", but in other hand, it went so far from it, it nearly becomes just slow sludgy music? Beats are pretty abstract, but still, if one listens something like Halo, and then wants to decide do you take THIS or Ordinarily Nowhere or In the shadows of fire, I guess this is obvious choice. But as for my personal tastes, I prefer two mentioned ones.

Anal Barbara / Funeral Mongoloids split tape
Solid noisecore. Amusing Darkthrone reference on FM side!

Whitehouse "New Britain" CD
Probably one of my favorites from WH. It's hard to really decide, since all albums have the proper reason to exists, which makes it pretty rare case in noise/pe. Nobody did it like this. It's totally beyond.

Final Solution demo 1990. Was just re-issued by Hospital / Chrome Peeler records, as it originally was. 4 studio tracks with strong and fierce sound. One could actually say this is better than for example Rapeday 7" !

RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK  "morx und kotschalg" cd..... 1993 Selection release. Over 70 minutes long track. This is just around the time I heard the band for the first time and it seemed too difficult to get into. Years passed and I begun to worship what they do, and now, finally bought this and listened it 3 times during one day. It is, extreme by all standards.
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Various Artists - Nihil 2xLP

This arrived safe and sound in excellent condition. IRM tracks are great. INSTITUT was pretty good, too. NOD was annoying, and whatever good things they had going on they tossed too soon. Haven't gotten to SHARON'S LAST PARTY yet as I had to hit the sack.
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Animal Bizarre 1 comp- this is the best thing I've heard in a long time! Would make an nice LP or cd with art booklet. Wertham & BU are faves and one of the best grunt tracks in a very long time.


Shitload of tapes have arrived in the mail during the last few days. Here's some of them...

Skullflower - The Paris Working/La Noche de Walpurgis (Cathartic Process)
Uhh... A long time since I last listened to any Skullflower. Is the current stuff really this good? (that was not a rhetorical question, by the way) Not super-high on fidelity but there's some truly devasatating stuff on this tape. Thick, treble-heavy sheets of deviant psychedelia, reaches levels that are almost nauseating. Standard tape-case and j-card but done according to the best of standards, thumbs up!

Relic - Anthology (Utmarken)
Slow, doomy, simple & stupid. I like it a lot. I don't know much about these kind of sounds but there's definitely something appealing here.

Sylvester Anfang II - Live At Utmarken (Utmarken)
Cosmic jams. Not groundbreaking or anything but good enough that I can just close my eyes and not worry about a thing.

Komissar Hjuler & Frau - s/t (Utmarken)
First thing I've heard from these people. Silly noises, on top of which they read texts about conrete poetry & Gustav Metzger. Nothing to it, one might say. But it's still strangely engaging. Not in the "let's concentrate & listen to this all the way through" - kind of way but it gives a nice evening buzz playing in the background. Can anybody recommend other stuff from their discography?

Smoke The Pipe of The Starfilled Sky - s/t (Utmarken)
I guess it's fair to call this stoner? With some definite desert vibes thrown in there. Again, I'm really not an expert with this type of music but I like some of it. And this passes the test, I can taste the beer & feel the bong in my hand when listening. Sonics are sort-of muffled and dull but I guess it fits here alright. Minus points for not filling the B-side all the way!

Pymathon - Ruptured In Hyperborea (TWR Tapes)
So which metal genre is this a pisstake on / tribute to? I'm very clueless (again.. hah!) about these things. Is it death metal? Whatever it is, it does sound very nice. Extended semi-impro-style riffing all the way, rough & stupid. During some points the noise itself becomes overpowering which is obviously not a problem.

Hmm... It seems I've liked them all. Must be getting old & lazy.

Mattias G

I would recommend COMMISARIS HJULER EN MAMA BEER-MENSEN DIE 'KORT STAAN' VOOR DE ZELFDODING LP (Ultra Ezcema). It´s a fantastic piece of annoying music? First time i heard it a few years back i was totally confused and did not know if i hated it or love it. I still don´t know what to think, but in some weird way i love it. They also play Suicide´s "Frankie teardrop". Would be fun to know what Vega/Rev would think of it :-D


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Skullflower - The Paris Working/La Noche de Walpurgis (Cathartic Process)
Uhh... A long time since I last listened to any Skullflower. Is the current stuff really this good?

Glad you dig the tape. To answer your question: yes. The Vile Veil LP (I have these if you are interested) is very similar, as is the 2xCD on Neurot ("Strange Keys to Untune Gods Firmament") and "Pure Imperial Reform" will tear through your head. The 3xCD box is also incredible, but unatainable. I love the new incarnation of Skullflower as much as the classic stuff. "Tribulation" is good, but not as powerful as the ones I already mentioned. I really loved these CD-r's and was bothered that they were done so cheaply and were largely unavailable. When I ripped them to mp3 to take them on the road a few months back and saw that both discs were almost exactly the same length and similar in style I knew it would make a perfect tape, and especially so since I think the second side was available as a CD-r at the show where the first side was recorded.