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Frame Rust - Frame Rust CD - Bestial Burst 2015
damn is this collaboration good! it's the best of the weird and squelchy material of Harold Mentor with the earthy sounds of Pentti Dassum, but taking on its own unique character instead of sounding like two artists just mashed together. Special mention to the very nice clear but not digitally harsh or overly polished sound and the overall sequencing and editing. it's just a damn joy to listen to! the last track is probably my favorite. I'm certainly biased but Mr. Dassum should be getting heaps of praise for the ever flowing stream of good material he releases. five years on and this one still rips but there's so much new and quality material by him to hear.

Photek - Form & Function CD - Science 1998
ahhh back when Photek was the master of twitchy minimal drum patterns and samurai meets after-hours club atmosphere. Even if a third of the tracks are remixes of his material, this is still arguably the only Photek CD you need, except for maybe the Ni - Ten - Ichi - Ryu 12" or Risk & Reward compilation [which serve the same purpose]. I'll never stop loving d'n'b and this CD reminds me why.

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But is it glassy?  I like when Kjostad is glassy.  I like glassy.

If you Like Glass, I'd suggest you Ice In / Ice Out for starters. Don't forget to breathe. Is very important.
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Quote from: Zeno Marx on July 23, 2020, 08:45:14 PM
But is it glassy?  I like when Kjostad is glassy.  I like glassy.

If you Like Glass, I'd suggest you Ice In / Ice Out for starters. Don't forget to breathe. Is very important.

Kjostad has yet to disappoint me. Environment Electronics by him is another fantastic example of "glassy" I think.

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Next time I'm recording all I'll be able to think about is "is this glassy???"
New Forces

Breaking The Will
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Quote from: Bloated Slutbag on July 25, 2020, 06:52:54 PM
Quote from: Zeno Marx on July 23, 2020, 08:45:14 PM
But is it glassy?  I like when Kjostad is glassy.  I like glassy.

If you Like Glass, I'd suggest you Ice In / Ice Out for starters. Don't forget to breathe. Is very important.

Kjostad has yet to disappoint me. Environment Electronics by him is another fantastic example of "glassy" I think.
Yes, it is.  Glacial Lake as well.  I'm drawing a blank at the moment, and I haven't heard quite a few.
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Emil Beaulieau- Polio Hospital Productions
Total fuccin scorcher. About as 'pure' of a harsh release as I have heard this year. Never a second to catch your breath, cyclone at the presidential library. The b-side teases something a bit more mellow before drowning it in ripping static.

Linekraft - Industrialized Criminal History Hospital Productions
His most rhythmic material to date. Lush mechanical clatter layered with drum macine and synth melody. Evocative stuff, very 'soundtrack' feel to it. Subdued menace.

And I'll just echo the praise for Mnem, I am glad I found a copy of the LP because that tape was in constant rotation. I immediately went and picked up For Delta Relics after my first listen.

Huuuuge stack o stuff on the murder VA, big batch of CNP tapes, new Prosse Nagge CD-r batch, new Vothana..


Umpio ‎– Sähköinen Ekstaasi CDr - Nekorekords 2016 - yum yum squiggly electricity make my brain hurty and crotch warm. a wriggling mess of electrical wires, trash metal and shovels which his come to life from dick and fart jokes. Umpio rarely disappointments but this is a highlight for sure.


Psychomania comp tape (Der Bunker).

+ spending a lot of time with Grollfried and Corneus. Almost unlistenable but strangely addictive.


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computer murder VA

I'm out of town at the moment so haven't had a chance to spend any time with the real deal yet, but I did have the opportunity to take some good Acid during a camping trip this past weekend and listened to a couple of sides digitally on headphones. Absolutely hit the spot.

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Right on - those are my plans this weekend to a T, ha.

With that in mind, I did work my way through the VA over 2 days of COVID insanity at work..

VA - Computer Murder Hospital Productions 2020
Ames Sanglantes- my favorite material in here. Punishing, rhythmic industrial. Air raid sirens, machine gun clatter - reminded me of Geography of Hell in it's loose "narrative" feel and rhytmic noise bits. Blown out loops and concrete mixer churn. Great low end. B side goes for a more chaotic, feedback driven sound, broken out into discrete pieces.

Skin Crime - in keeping with the more recent releases this follows the slow build into fulminating chaos structure we've seen since Ghosts I Have Been. The pallet here is sizzling electronics, and scraping steel, really nailing the "Computer Murder" theme. Love the Dalek and Harlan Ellison referencing titles.

Prurient & Alberich - I ended up slightly disappointed with this one. While the combination of churning electronics and synth makes for some great moments, there is an improvised sense that reminds me of Rainbow Mirror. It never quite articulates its cold war themes outside of some excellent samples. The track Desiring God is what I wanted more of - a chaotic amplification of both their strong points.

Rogue State - An outlier on this comp, lots of shorter, loop based harsh noises tracks. Solid material if a bit fatiguing - well executed, just coming from a small range of sounds. Maybe if I gave it some room to breathe I'd be more enthusiastic, just hard to get through on the heels of the more monolithic sounds that dominate the VA.

Interracial Sex - Apefrica Fusty Cunt 2020
Wicked release, figured we'd see more chatter about it here. IS continues to push some of the most unhinged, transgressive power electronics. Thematically coherent with furious delivery. Down in the Bush is a real standout, vocals are like...the great Cornholio shredding PE? So much more interesting than another dude lazily flangering off about war crimes (not talkin shit on anyone specific, just very into the idea of what PE can be when people bring something fresh to the genre)

Supression- Fractured Landscape Chaotic Noise Productions 2020
112 tracks blasted across a C10. Wigged out noisecore that kinda reminds me of Release the Pirahna era of Supression, pulling in a thick, overdriven bass and drum tone. Muuuuch shorter songs though.


Various ‎– Altered States Of Consciousness CD - UPD Organization 1991
Picked this CD up a few weeks ago. Surprisingly to me, it's a somewhat laid-back affair that certainly doesn't lack for variety, despite it being only 6 tracks. It starts with MERZBOW from 1991 and right away I'm reminded of why he's arguably the god of noise or king of noise or whatever superlative title he gets. "HGL Made A Race For The Last Brain" is so physical, heavily layered and immediately enjoyable you can't help but wonder if this comp didn't open a little too strong for its own good. The answer is probably yes! Mz.412's "Fire" is a nice slab of industrial built around Twin Peaks samples [back when the show was just airing] and metal clank. it's crunchy and compressed in the right way and works really well despite its relative simplicity compared to the previous MERZBOW barrage. Maybe I should check out Mz.412?  Next up, Trance, with some ominous guitar playing, through what sounds like an array of Boss delay pedals. Think Mark McGuire except instead of acid vibes its ketamine. I like it. I think I'd like it if it was even longer, but I guess I'll never know. ok Asmus Tietchens up next and it feels like this is a condensed template for the entire Aural Hypnox sound? Gongs, scrapings, minimal electronics, sinister and otherworldly ambiance. I am on fucking board. Then its PGR / Thessalonians with the tabla driven "Absolute Equinox". Almost like the other side of the Asmus Tietchens offering, as instead of being dissociative creaks in the night, this is clearly physical. It verges the tiniest bit into new-age, but the undercurrent of whispers and groans keeps it from going full "pure moods". Also having a tabla played for the track helps to, rather than some random sampled drum pattern. Yet another good one. Five songs so far and not one bad one. Dissecting Table closes it out with "Humanism 2". In keeping with the rest of the comp this is more of an atmosphere piece rather than the rhythmic blitzkrieg you might expect. Probably closest to the material found on Zigoku, but definitely a standalone piece. Lots of synthetic strings and piano playing out like some warped cyberpunk version of Castlevania or Clock Tower music. Dissecting Table's sound palette is so similar to '90s anime and video game scores I can't help but hear them and make the comparison. But yeah, really creaky castle goth vibes clashing with cyberpunk wasteland. I could listen to a whole Dissecting Table album in this style!

All together I'm very happy with this compilation. I think it highlights what's been reminisced about so frequently here on the forums which is a wide array of artists, sounds and approaches on one comp that provides diversity but also a first look into projects you might not otherwise hear.  


Mz.412 is definitely worth checking out. My personal picks would be In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi, Burning the Temple of God, or Nordik Battle Signs.


Wolf Eyes – Burned Mind CD – Sub Pop 2004
I was hit out of nowhere a few nights ago with a deep desire to go through the Wolf Eyes releases I still own. This is where it all started for me. Prior to Wolf Eyes I had heard MERZBOW, noise side-projects from metal artists and a lot of extreme computer music like Pita and Hecker and other Mego and Warp related stuff. I don't know how I first became aware of Wolf Eyes but I remember seeing this album art online and thinking, "this has to be good". Because it's on "indie" label Sub Pop I was actually able to buy this CD at Tower Records, in person, after school. That sentence makes me feel old. That first listen had me looking like the Maxwell arm chair guy getting his hair and brain blown out, stoned and terrified.

This was it for me, the third part of the noise Rosetta Stone, the other two being MERZBOW's Venereology and the Satanstornade live recording on net label Falsch. And listening to it now, it's really a perfect kind of gateway to noise album because it feels like a fucking rock n roll album. There are "riffs", simulacra of "percussion" or "beats" and snarling and snide vocals. The songs feel like songs rather abstract art/noise/whatever. Compared to listening to Venereology which felt like a terrifying, life and death errand in those early years, Wolf Eyes was music to get rowdy to, to actively enjoy and participate with rather than just withstand. Having listened to noise consistently for 15 years since, I return to Burned Mind and it still puts a big fucking smile on my face. Not for nostalgia's sake but because it does everything well and sounds like no one else. The tracks are roughly laid out as abstract song/rock song/abstract song/rock song, and I personally I lean towards calling any one of the "rock" songs the best, but this is one of those where it all flows so nicely together. Perhaps the best amalgamation of the two and in some ways a hint towards creepier side of Wolf Eyes is "Rattlesnake Shake". I assume for some reason it's Dilloway who got the tapes to sound like a fucking rattle snake but whoever is responsible is a personal hero. That one oozes with such fucking menace! But you can't ignore the killer "Stabbed in the Face" or "Black Vomit" which fucking rip and have actually made it into live shows in identifiable versions.

Coming in at under 40 minutes, Burned Mind is a concise statement from a group that released a lot of meandering material over the years. This is definitely their A game and it stands the test of time for that reason.

I'm under the impression that many here probably class Wolf Eyes as hipster noise or hippie US noise. I guess that's because of their Sub Pop affiliation and lack of overtly hateful imagery or album titles? I'm sure someone can explain it to me. Hipster or not, because Sub Pop released Wolf Eyes albums I could buy at actual record stores, I was able get into more noise as a youngster. Purient's widely available albums in the next few years had the same effect. And per the lack of "serious" or hateful imagery, I don't really get it. It's not like My Little Pony shit. Or maybe it gets bad marks because it's the lack of tape hiss or analogue softness due to the good recording quality and proper mastering? As far as the hippie concerns, I'd be the first to say I liked doing drugs and listening to Wolf Eyes and Wolf Eyes probably liked doing drugs and listening to Wolf Eyes but what's the problem with that? I guess an argument could be made that the drugged up Wolf Eyes fans of yore are the ancestors to the coke and dope addicted wannabe PE guys in the US now, so Wolf Eyes contributed to the moral decline of America's youth?

Well the good news I think listening to Wolf Eyes these days is farthest thing from hip, so if you're feeling adventurous, come and listen.


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like the Maxwell arm chair guy getting his hair and brain blown out, stoned and terrified.
haha!! ma'am, i'll have some of what he's been smokin, please

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Burned Mind is a stone cold classic and I hope the 'hipster noise' label has been put out to pasture.