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Started by 777was666, September 14, 2017, 07:32:57 PM

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Baroque Bordello - 花、花、夢開く花 (Cass, Album, C45) - SOLD

One of the earliest releases in Makoto Kawabata's music career.
When this album was released (or was recorded), he was probably still in high school.



真理の御魂 最聖 麻原彰晃尊師 - チッタ = Citta (Cass) - Rare original Shoko Asahara's tape released by a Japanese doomsday cult, AUM Shinrikyo. - SOLD
Various - Die Vizeweltmeister (Cass, Comp, C70) - SOLD

Yeast Culture - The Dutch Connection (Cass) - Unreleased collection. The cassette is housed in a handmade art box made by Mark Schomburg.