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Started by 777was666, September 14, 2017, 07:32:57 PM

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Pneumershonic - The Mark of the Beast (NTSC VHS) - SOLD
Schizophrenic rant documentary filmed by Matt Jasper (Suckdog). Find out about the telepathic frequencies of the beast, the wife of the beast, and supersonic powers. Paul is also in an outsider art band called Pneumershonic.

Die Tödliche Doris - Doris Meets Doris (DVDr, DVD-V, Mono, Ltd, RE, NTSC) - SOLD
ねっぱり一座 - 抜け娘 (7") - SOLD
Various - 都市通信 ディスクユニオン特典 Live音源収録CD-R (CDr, Comp) - SOLD
Michael Morley / Bruce Russell - Radiation / Four Letters (Lathe, 7", Ltd, Cle)



Jim Goad - Answer Me! The First Three - SOLD
Russ Meyer, Timothy Leary, Holly Woodlawn, Kid Frost, Public Enemy, Iceberg Slim, Anton LaVey, David Duke, Al Goldstein, El Duce of The Mentors, The Geto Boys, Ray Dennis Steckler, Jack Kevorkian, Al Sharpton, NAMBLA, The Kids of Widney High, Boyd Rice, Suzanne Muldowney.

Miura Tadayuki - Ride (Cass, Album) - Japanese noise, experimental guitarist. - SOLD
戸張大輔 (Daisuke Tobari) - ギター (LP, Album, RE + 7") - SOLD
Various - Bring Me The Head Of Nick Cain (CDr, Comp) - SOLD