Massive 84 pages B5 size issue finally out in February 2018!
Long awaited issue covers:

01 Cover artwork by: Paul Kerin
02 Editorial by Mikko A
04 Wince by: Mikko A
12 Le Syndicat Faction Vivante by: Cyril Adam
16 S.T.A.B. Electronics by: Mikko A
22 Robert Turman by: Stephen Petrus
26 Torba by: Manuel Pereira
30 Mutant Videos by: Frank Cordry
32 T.O.M.B. by: Arvo Zylo
40 Grim by: Takahiko Yokoyama
42 MAAAA by: Mikko A
46 New Forces label by: J. Peterson
52 Storm Bugs by: Cooper Bowman
58 Dead Tech by: Cooper Bowman
60 The Essentials: Hal Hutchinson
64 The Essentials: Human Larvae
66 The Essentials: Richard Stevenson
70 The Essentials: Kristian Olsson
78 Scum Core by: Frank Cordry
80 Artwork by: Paul Kerin


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