Special Interests radio vol 4: Finnish 7″s

It has been while since previous part of Special Interest program, but there should be few of them done this year. To get proper kick start again, I’ll just dive into theme what is close to me. That is Finnish industrial noise.

Bizarre Uproar – (Pestilence box)
Grunt – Addicted To Authentic Violence (Addicted 7″)
Pain Nail – Gates Are Open (Gates Are Open 7″)
Unseen Noise Death -North Wind Never Ends (Pestilence box)
Cloama – Nouskaa Taisteluun (Provokaattori 7″)
Cold.Once.Turning.Dust. – Tri@baal (Gloom 7″)
Order. – Punishment (7″)
Strom.ec – In A Glass Cage / Hypnoosi (Glass Cage 7″)

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