YOUNG HUSTLERS “Encaged” tape

YOUNG HUSTLERS “Encaged” tape

Debut tape of Swedish new power electronics unit Young Hustlers is yet another example how this type of material benefits of being published as tape.
When saturation of sound on tape format gives notch murkier feel and added punch, songs start to become much more than they seemingly are.

Brooding quality of material is closer to projects like Anenzephalia or Genocide Organ, where overt aggression is shadowed by grim and dark atmosphere. Morbid and bleak view on society: Prisons, cops, bloody fields. Commanding voices processed through extensive effects are clear enough to transmit few key words of lyrics here and there.

Songs remain bare bones in terms of composition. Even if the structure is rather simple, I like that the sound has kind of planned, rhythmic pulsations what is quite different from typical noise below vocals what often makes synth tone or whole idea of noise too simplistic. Even if there is hardly extensive modulation, these simple pulsations and rotten crackling of synth are enough to provide both rawness and atmosphere. As well as actual idea what song should be – as opposite of just random noise to scream to.

Even if 100 copies tape appeared just at the end of 2016, tape may be already hard to find. Two tracks available on projects bandcamp pages are not the best ones of the six tracks that appear on tape, but give you clear example what to expect.