PE/NOISE Video footage Thread (Fixed!)

Started by Ashley Choke, January 11, 2010, 03:40:10 PM

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Brand new Murderous Vision clip from the upcoming new album "Engines and Disciples". To be released summer 2013.

Andrew McIntosh

Shikata ga nai.

andy vomit

THE VOMIT ARSONIST - Live @ The Flat, Brooklyn, NY (Apex Fest V) 4/22/2013

this is only the last half of the set.

Dr Alex

Dead Body Collection - Live @ Noise Festival Ljubljana, Slovenia (12.04.2013.)

Dead Body Collection - Live @ HNW Fest, Instants Chavir├ęs, Paris, France (23.04.2011.)

Dead Body Collection - Live @ The Tower (Trevizo, Italy 30.10.2011.)

Creation Through Destruction - Live Destruction #1 (Live @ Havizaj#69, Budapest 29.10.2012.)
Con-Dom and MK9 played this evening.

Niko Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial & Experimental Label.


Last HASSOKK live in Vilnius

I had some problems with vocals (something with sound level went very bad), but still I liked to perform this one very much.


Macronympha live at Ende tymes festival in Brooklyn, may 24th. this youtube channel has several more good quality videos from the fest.


instagram: @ANTICITIZEN
telegram for updated list:

secret guilt

nicely shot footage from a few months ago.

secret guilt / sluggo's / chattanooga, tn / 3-21-13