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Started by Levas, November 30, 2011, 03:17:24 PM

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I'd like to try something that I could also carry with myself to gigs and so on. Most people that I know in here goes with Microkorg. It is not bad, but I don't want to have an orchestra of microkorgs in Lithuania, so maybe you know other names worth checking?

Edit: I want it to be with keyboard. preferably not 100% digital, but it's ok to check out too.

Nyodene D

moog mg-1, if you can find it, is small and affordable. sounds great too


Thanx. Other things I've marked as "to-be-checked" are

Akai Miniak
Alesis Micron
Novation Xio 25
m-audio venom
Roland Gaia SH-01


For me, small synths are for live and to "whatever bbbzzzzz qualifies" moments. For interesting and really good sounds, I don't think there is very versatile synths?

Korg monotron and microcon are just the type of things when you need just high pitched electronic tone/pulse. But options are very very limited. Especially monotron is ridiculously small and cheap. More like toy.
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Ashley Choke

Novation Bass Station seems to be obvious choice, Analog/Digital Hybrid, same filter as the legendary EDP Wasp. Or a Dark Energy with a Midi Keyboard

If you got the money to spent get a MS-10, just got one myself some weeks ago. Without a doubt my best gear purchase ever. Pretty lightweight, and a carrying case shouldn't be impossible to find.



QuoteFor me, small synths are for live and to "whatever bbbzzzzz qualifies" moments.

the first case I think would be the usual one. As for me - I cannot carry around synths that weights 25+ kilos and so on so I was thinking why not play around with some smaller stuff.

Novation Bass Station seems truly nice. And here's a link in case anyone wants more titles, but there are only them, almost without any comments.



The problem I have will all the new "mass produced" new range of electronic synths is the sound pallets are very similar to each other, I instantly loose interest when I hear a kaoss pad or those mono matchboxes...All the circuit bent stuff sounds crap too like angry chickens...My advice save you cash by a real synth...then buy a flightcase !

real men gig with with loads of kit! 

Ashley Choke

QuoteNovation Bass Station seems truly nice.

All out great synth. Would recommend it over any of the other ones you listed. Maybe underrated in the Industrial/PE scene due to the flimsy design. Even if you need it mostly for live, it's analog nature really shines and have more punch than you will ever get from a MicroKorg. Weights next to nothing and even runs on batteries(No I don't work for Novation heh)

Other interesting synths could be some of the start/mid 80s Korgs. Poly 800/800MkII or maybe DW6000/8000 Especially the Poly can be modded quite cheap. For some truly noise results.

EDIT: After reading IFOTS post. Totally agree, maybe worth contemplating is getting a Roland SH-101, sure it's costly and not MicroKorg small, but it's lightweight enough to bring around and you could use it greatly in the studio


I don't suggest going digital but have you ever played with a "soft synth"? I have a handful of the more expensive VST or standalone products that are cracked and virri free if you need.

I'm not a person who knows a whole lot about analog synths so take what I say with a grain of salt but I have had a lot of fun with the Novation Ultranova 37-key Analog Modeling Synthesizer and the Access Virus TI2 Polar Integrated Modeling Synth, the latter is pretty expensive going at about $3,000 USD. I used to own a MINIAK, to my ears it isn't a bad compact synth, but I do know a lot of people who either don't like it or just don't care to try it.

Has anyone here used the Yamaha Tenori-on or TNR-O Orange creation devices made by Toshio Iwai? Very ugly but they seem to have good effect from what I have heard on some videos.


korg monotribe is great. fuck the drum machine on it, maybe i can make some use out of it oneday but thats the only pointless thing on it. wouldnt spend more then 150-175usd on it. also sure the monotone is pale in comparison


Korg DW8000 was the first synth I ever bought. It was far from small but maybe I had a different model. "Prey" was recorded with it & probably "Piece-Meal Dissection" too (plus Casio sampler).

The Technosauraus Microcon is the size of a vhs tape so perfect size. If it has white noise, I'd be keeping it. BEst to use a distortion pedal with it to give it a stronger sound.

I'd like to play with that Access Virus desktop synth. Always thought they looked cool.

I'd love to have a synth about the size of a hardcover book with all the usual stuff plus white/pink noise knobs along with white/pink noise outputs & an input with mix knob... I don't care if it's analog or digital as long as it works well.

Wish this was still being made:

Ashley Choke

Yeah, if you can do without the keys there's a whole new world of possibilities. Dark Energy is maybe the prime example of a extremely versatile and aggressive synth to bring just about anywhere. I'm in no way against DigiControlled Oscillators and the likes but an all out AM/VA just won't give you the sounds/options of an analog machine. noise out's exists as far as I'm aware only on synths or more or less analog nature. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Poly800/DW6/8000 Isn't exactly small but they weight next to nothing and would fit most standard flightcases?

BTW, I always wondered about this one?

Anybody ever tried it?