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Started by Levas, November 30, 2011, 03:17:24 PM

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It is used. And if I am correct 4000 krones = 500eu, am I right? And new one costs 400USD (adding 100USD for shipping and customs - it is still cheaper).

Am I getting this wrong? Used is more expensive then new one?

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Your calculations are a bit off concering freight. I am not here to waste time discussing details. Read: HECKLE


That seems like the definition of heckling to be fair :)

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Quote from: Cementimental on October 31, 2013, 02:56:24 AM
That seems like the definition of heckling to be fair :)

Something like that, he!he!


very curious about that. It seems that Korg is turning educational.

Just ordered the limited blackdeath/wormcode switch edition...
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Looks interesting, especially if they sell the parts individually


Quote from: ironfistofthesun on November 30, 2011, 06:00:33 PM
..All the circuit bent stuff sounds crap too like angry chickens..  

haha best sound description

edit: recently we had the honor of playin with the kolmas who had several of these mini-tribe things + 1x wsg... sounded fat & hypnotic!!


The company I work for does a lot of Arduino based products so I've familiarized myself a bit with the Arduino realm of synthesizers...

Standuino makes a nice assortment of more "DIY" style noise makers:

Critter and Guitari stopped this one but it looked pretty cool:

Arduino Sequencer that I wish I had more information on:

Modular utilizing an Arduino and RaspPi:

There's a few synthesizer shield kicking around too. Doesn't really apply seeing as these are mostly DIY but if you have the means to program and enclose, it could be beneficial.


many thanks for the arduino examples. I only knew a couple of them...
In May my company will move in the same block were Massimo Banzi teaches... apparently they also have a lab next to were I work but never met him probably due to different working schedules.

got a Volca Keys for xmas and I like it a lot.
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The littleBits seems a nice toy to understand better modular synthesis. More expensive but for this the micromodular is/was number one!


not small but here you go : assemble your own full size MS20 with filter options, midi & usb LOL
at the price of a 'vintage' one?


just got myself a Flower Electronics Jealous Heart. some people might think its "limited" but huge sound and nothing but fun!


Any comments regarding the Volcas? They've been out a while now.
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