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Quote from: theotherjohn on August 20, 2020, 01:11:24 PM
Please refer to the Studio Recordings Dossier. http://www.susanlawly.freeuk.com/textfiles/textfiles.html

Yes, but that only list producer and composer, not those actually contributing to the recording on the album? But it's a great page!


I know this is an old topic but seems a waste to start a new WH thread.

Quote from: accidental on August 20, 2020, 12:48:49 PM
Another question for those in the know or with the books and zines, line up for each of the early classics?

I think your best bet is interviews on that, sparse as they can be from that era. Off the top of my head this seems roughly correct? If you REALLY need to know and don't want the time sink of trying to go through old zines either through web archives or physically buying them (which adds a money sink too) you could always try asking PB or WB since they have pretty active socials. They seem like OK dudes, don't think they'd bite your head off over a fan question.

I do share your sentiments about the studio pages being a fair bit incomplete...

And now for something completely different, as I've recently been going through old interviews and I came across this:
QuotePart of these performances, quite surreally, can be heard on a 'Whitehouse Audience Noise Tape' brought out by the Japanese magazine 'IR'. "It's like an hour of sounds from between and after songs. It's pretty incredible, everything's on it apart from music, all edited non-stop from 1982 up until now."

In all my years I've never heard anyone bring this up, ever. It honestly sounds like a cool tape.


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Does anyone know what the Aes-Nihil book looks like? I have a chance to buy the following book for just over a $100, and am not sure exactly which book it is. The person selling it calls it the Come Org Files and does not refer to Aes Nihil at all but it sounds like its the same book from the description of the content, and if so I have no problem shelling the cash out...

So do any of you know if this is the same book (or at least the reprint of the Aes Nihil book)?

i got the exact same from Membrum Debile when he closed down. don't know what source, some of it in difficult to read/bad scans...

100$? aes-nihil still offers theirs for 70$ lol

Do you still have these available?


Dedicated to Peter Kurten for sure, New Britain is a close second for me. I especially love how both albums utilize samples to create an atmosphere!


Personally I enjoy their discography from Great White Death onwards. I especially favour their shift to digital. Their early releases just don't do it for me.


When I'm in the right mood, there's hardly anything better than Whitehouse (no matter what era). But that happens not very often. But if so, I can't listen to anything else for that short time frame. And it really surprises me, that there always seems something new to explore, which I previously haven't heard "this way". Yeah, sounds silly, but fuck it.

Have to quote something from Mr. FreakAnimal in this thread from many years ago, which still seems to be true, at least for me...

"BUT, when you listen to albums, then you simply think: many have tried - very few have succeeded. Everybody always talks about "whitehouse copycats", but as simple as it is, I don't think anyone has really managed to copy their style."

By the way, new Consumer Electronics seems to be coming soon.

Fistfuck Masonanie

Is anyone keeping up with the massive live actions released on Bandcamp? Any particular high points to check out? Thought the USA 1983 Tour : Final Rehearsal had great moments, especially on the 2nd track.


Quote from: Fistfuck Masonanie on August 19, 2023, 04:23:48 AMIs anyone keeping up with the massive live actions released on Bandcamp? Any particular high points to check out? Thought the USA 1983 Tour : Final Rehearsal had great moments, especially on the 2nd track.

Live Action 130 is great, especially "Rock and Roll" https://susanlawly.bandcamp.com/album/live-action-130
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They really should do a Merzbox-style massive set of those Live Actions.


Already early on, they stated album are albums and live documentation is just... documentation, not to be issued as "albums". I would suspect situation is still the same. As great as some of the live stuff is, I am quite sure that they would want to keep "official discography" certain way. As pure gold, so to say. Not to be remembered as band that had "everything published". Having tape, cdr or file archive for the curious is a bit different vibe than putting out all on mass produced CD or LP that will end into shelves of collectors who may not even listen to it.
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Considering the VOD set had Right to Kill and Psychopathia, will we ever see them on CD?


I read somewhere some days ago, that a Psychopathia CD is in the works.


Quote from: cr on August 21, 2023, 01:24:57 PMI read somewhere some days ago, that a Psychopathia CD is in the works.

Maybe it was on the YT video of a Live Action Susan Lawly recently published? I can't wait for this reissue. Thought the master tapes of both PS and RtK were lost, and thus, there wouldn't be any remastering of them. PS gotta be one of the best albums of the pre-GWD era, unflinchingly disturbed and lovely.
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WB also mentioned on Instagram that a limited issue Mummy And Daddy vinyl picture disc release is coming too. Tremendous news!