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Skin Graft ‎– Enemy LP (Alien Passengers)

Wonderful Harsh noise. There is nothing to complain about this record but one side is better than the other. It's the side that starts with distorted metal destruction then turns into creepy as fuck voice fragments which are edited with abrupt bits of silence then acoustic metal/junk sounds of someone doing something all backed by a typical death industrial synth drone. Slowly it all becomes more distorted.  Recommended for that side alone and it's less than $10 on Discogs, limited to 250 copies. Anyone have a clue what the cover art is? Kinda looks like scars...? The other side has a lot of feedback & heavily distorted sounds but there's a lot of little interesting details going on, as well.  The creepy work is what I wanted the SG/Murderous Vision cd to be. Unfortunately, it failed. Slow moving, weird acoustic-noise from SG & death industrial electronics from MV...

Linekraft – Engineering Analysis Of Inner Death LP (Hospital)

Can't say that I cared much for most of this release. I have "Delusional Disorder" cd & like that quite a bit but the Hospital LP just doesn't seem consistent. Too many sounds stopping & starting or something. Almost feels like a release from a newcomer; could be I just expected something that it's not (heavy electronics with pounding junk metal) & it
needs another listen without any expectations...


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Throat - Bareback LP - Svart
Everything Throat has done post Licked Inch Fur has had an increasing level of detail and eclecticism in approach that has resulted in some very prickly albums that take a fair amount of time to digest fully. this is most apparent with Bareback. While I immediately thought it was one of the best records of last year, it's taken increasingly frequent listens to know and understand all the little detours it takes. it seems almost disjointed at first because each song does it's own thing, slightly different than those before and after. but it's still got that downer-pervert vibe running through it all. "Recut" is probably my favorite track as it made a big impression on me when I heard it live, but it's probably the closest to their oldest material. The opener and closer are both top-tier as well, but honestly there's not bad track on the album. If you haven't heard it yet, it's the perfect time as it's sweaty music for sweaty days.

Recent release today on my playlist:
THROAT "Decade of passive aggression 2009-2019" 2xCD
Kaos Kontrol
This proves Throat hardly had a bad tracks in general. Two CD's worth of bands history, includes LP, 12", 7", splits, compilations.... Sound is surprisingly consistent for 10 years. Some earlier stuff has less bass freequency and it has not been revised in mastering. For anyone who wants to get everything, cheap and easy, this double CD is the way to go! Then just grab the new album to go with it.

MASONNA "Open Your Cunt" & "Shinsen na clitoris"
huh... There is soon to come vinyl version of the latter album. Couldn't resist listening. I would suppose all is said about Masonna. I can only say that I am surprised how little there seems to be demand nowadays, for one of the absolute masters who does it unlike anyone else. Never really copied.
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CERVICAL SMEAR "Real-death enthusiast" CD
Violent and ripping power electronics / noise filth. What more could be said. What it lacks, is the uniqueness, but if you're looking for sonically and visually fierce in your face assault, that's what you get here. Stoning stubborn females, corpses, dead fetuses,...   Like could be concluded for some of the other such "new school approach", it's almost like over the top goregrind aesthetic applied to PE.

Yes, nice one!


listening to live albums this afternoon.. made me think, industrial seems to be a genre with many good or even classic live albums? i am thinking of, for example, remember by GO, the self-titled of anenzephalia, propaganda for a new century by operation cleansweep, even blót by blood axis if one is into that kind of stuff.. surely there must be more

zyklon ss - live in finland
really good release. i like the vocals on studio albums too, but it's very nice that the vocals are so aggressive here. also, i think i almost like zss' version of "rome song" more than final solution. also, nice to hear extended versions of some samples etc.. very solid perfomance. it is live releases like this that broadens one perspective on a particular project

anenzephalia - task force terrorist
pretty much the same as above.. very good release, one of anenzephalias best i would even say. these versions of the tracks are very powerful and the whole thing flows like a studio album.

going to listen to kwazulu-natal by GO next, as i also remember it to be an extremey well done live PE release


final solution - mass death

pretty solid album all around, vocals are fantastic and a couple of the tracks have relatively dynamic synth parts. i'd say the standout tracks are "Straight White Male" and "Ravensbruck".


BLOOD OV THEE CHRIST "dokuments 1985-1989" tape
BLOOD OV THEE CHRIST "dokuments vol 2: 2005-2011" tape

All this time between these recordings, they are surprisingly similar! Proving that the comeback era does live up to the original. Very nasty, very dirty, rotten post-mortem. I like the way recording quality and sound changes between studio and live actions. It gives nice variation to tapes and often utterly crude production sets up brilliant atmosphere.

MACRONYMPHA "1990-91 vol. 2" tape
MACRONYMPHA "Whorechestra" tape

early stuff compilation is those Stella's releases. C-90 filled mostly with brilliant noise loops. Even if material is often just loops grinding over and over and over and over again, with nothing else happening, this is the magic of good loops. Songs are hypnotic and strong even when nothing really happens.
Whorechestra tape is older edition. Japanese bondage artworks and fucking brilliant harsh noise for whole 60 minutes duration. Listened this twice instantly, thinking this would be another mandatory Macronympha CD reissue.

ZYRTAX "Law of the land" tape

I was expecting harsh noise for some reason. Maybe didn't expect this type of composed/constructed industrial/power electronics type of stuff on ltd 25 copies tape with picture of trunks of trees on the front. Decent tape.

Sound of pig
I feel like I've just had this on playlist and written about it? Well, in nutshell, compiled by Yutaka Tanaka a.k.a. S*Core. late 80's Japanese scene. From noise like Merzbow and Solmania to industrial of Contagious Orgasm and S*core to odd improv things and even long "techno" track to finish the comp. Not a classic compilation and none of the bands stand out to offer best of their work, but still good to listen to.
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Incapacitants "Extreme Gospel Nights" LP (Urashima)

I like this more than "I, Residuum" & I keep thinking compact disc is the best format for them. I guess both tracks are live, one ends with audience sounds. Really dig the screaming. I may still have the orig. tape release for this one, will have to dig around.

Ramleh "A Return to Slavery" LP (Harbinger)

Excellent release that compiles the material from a split release & a 7". Better sound quality & pretty much all anyone needs esp. if they do not want to spend a fortune.

Deviation Social "Practices/Demo June-Oct '81" LP & "Tempus / Deathwatch From End To Beginning" Vol. 2" LP (Dais Records)

Obscure industrial from California. The '81 material is several different styles that doesn't really sound like anyone else nor does it sound like the tracks on the other LP which includes the 7" entitled "Tempus Purgatio Part 7" (I found my copy for less than $4 at Wax Trax in Denver). Some of the material on T/DW has a slight SPK style to it. None of
it is very harsh or heavy. D.S. is not a project I'll be revisiting very often but definitely interesting to listen to due to the very early years. You can find all three LPs Dais released for $8-10 each (I still need Compilation Tracks LP). Years ago when I purchased the 7", it was based solely on how cool the artwork is plus Dean Corll is on the back cover.


HEAT SIGNATURE - Dehumanization In Progress CD (Oxen)
The first cassette on New Forces in 2015 showed promise, and on Disguised Human Presence from 2016, they really became a solid entity with a sound of their own. I absolutely love Disguised..., and I've written here and there that it's one of my favorite harsh noise recordings of the second millenia, but damn if this isn't even a bit stronger. They build upon the sound and mixing technique of the old greats of americanoise, BLJ and Macronympha and whathaveyou. Nothing unique about that, but Heat Signature manage to keep it fresh by letting their own touch and quirks shine through, avoiding any "retro traps". Another factor that makes this album shine, I think, is that they're not letting their undeniable skills get in the way for weird little things and "mistakes" to happen, and sticking with them. While being very rough and untidy, this album also feels thoroughly crafted. It's a wonderful balance. Dynamic, fun and zealously violent at the same time. C30's are fun, but proper solid albums like this is what keeps the genre relevant for me. Perfect length of 40-something minutes too. I'll take this one with me to the grave.


I need to give the heat signature cd another go before I can comment on it, but I will second what baglady said about Disguised...

Mo*TeLove the junk of society - True noise movements, unpredictable hall of doors style with all sorts of strange sounds, a way only Mo*te can deliver

One Dark Eye Brave New World - I love the idea of cutups that barely revisit previous sounds, just a bunch of short excerpt lined up together, however those segments could be a bit stronger than this. would listen again. This one is Joe Roemer.

Mordant Karma Indulge - I expected better, but that is not really putting this thing down.

The Rita / Skin Crime
Maggie Evans - Absolute GO on this one. and thats not just because im a fan of the subject matter. Anyone not sure about this collab can rest assured, this is like total slitting of throats except everything is more perfectly placed in a shorter timeframe. 10/10.


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One Dark Eye Brave New World - I love the idea of cutups that barely revisit previous sounds, just a bunch of short excerpt lined up together, however those segments could be a bit stronger than this. would listen again. This one is Joe Roemer.

Must hear this.


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Mo*Te Love the junk of society

What's this ? New ? Google doesnt help ...
"ἀθάνατοι θνητοί, θνητοὶ ἀθάνατοι, ζῶντες τὸν ἐκείνων θάνατον, τὸν δὲ ἐκείνων βίον τεθνεῶτες"


The new Mo*Te is coming really soon on Skeleton Dust, he just made a few early copies to take on tour.


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The new Mo*Te is coming really soon on Skeleton Dust, he just made a few early copies to take on tour.

Thanks ! I need ofcourse. Hope someone in Europe get copies.
"ἀθάνατοι θνητοί, θνητοὶ ἀθάνατοι, ζῶντες τὸν ἐκείνων θάνατον, τὸν δὲ ἐκείνων βίον τεθνεῶτες"


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Mordant Karma Indulge - I expected better, but that is not really putting this thing down.

It certainly didn't have the weight of his WCN release, "Devour", but it was a great tape none-the-less.


Tapes this week:

Alfarmania ‎– The Waiting Grave: Live In Finland 2015/2017 (Freak Animal)

Excellent live tape. Grim atmosphere, great vocals (more aggressive on the '17 set), heavy electronics. This would have made a nice LP or cd just so the cover art of the guy fucking a tree was larger.

Pain Apparatus ‎– Pain Apparatus (Phage Tapes)

Live harsh noise featuring Baculum & Gnawed. Has a little bit of everything: heavy noise, junk metals, processed tapes-samples, etc. Good stuff.

Also, currently in the deck waiting to be flipped over is Striations "Trauma Code" plus I had FFH "Documents" but s2 wouldn't play all the way through as the tape was defective. Did make it through s1 with no problem. Just heavy low-end & static.